gregorio -x
you certainly paint an attractive picture of your surrounds….. clean and natural, dynamic, majestic, …. seems like many timeless spots to be savored. love that. what a great state. …. yeah, the fish in the streams here, -- more like an appetite suppressant. the stepford fish ~ scary-funny. /// im sitting on the fence about sequoia… just now feeling recouped - and getting into the groove…. always hard to pull myself away - unless i have just finished some project … So, you must be getting ready to go quite soon… /// one of the trees appears to still be getting its footing… although i see many birds welcoming it, and enjoying the little pepper berries.. although i gaze upon it often, i havent spent much time just sitting next to it - petting her limbs, feeling her sway…. though many animal friends here, welcoming. they seem to love the native plants that are now growing so happily… they create a wonderful aroma.
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