Christy Bors
Email napawriter@gmail.com Hometown Napa, Calif. Birthday Jan. 26
Bio Christy is a 2003 alumna of Vintage High School. In 2007, she received her B.A. in Art History from UC Santa Cruz (but hates the phrase, "Holds a B.A. in...." noting that she doesn't literally hold the diploma in her hand all the time-- just on Sundays, when she wants to feel accomplished.) Returning to her hometown as a post-collegiate, Christy has dabbled in a lot of odd jobs, including (but not limited to) art teacher, bartender, wine educator, art docent, photographer, coffee barista, toy store clerk, writer, and gallery consultant, in addition to joyfully freelancing as journalist. Recent Accomplishments- a quick mention from L.A. based Media Bistro (thanks for the compliments!)
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