We Hope to Titillate Your Mind

Some call us an autonomous liberated zone. Others rather not twist their tongues with so many daunting syllables and simply refer to us as the collective

We hope to titillate your mind

Some call us an autonomous liberated zone. Others rather not twist their tongues with so many daunting syllables and simply refer to us as the collective.

Classical, punk and spoken word; flute, ukulele, guitar, djembe, harmonica and homemade instruments--and a five year old who recites her  kinder garden taught songs--have made their way in and out of the stage.

Oil, pastel, collage, found object, animal bone and mud (and coffee!) have been the mediums. Artists from different walks of life have gone in and out of the gallery and the labyrinth of studios. Classical, alternative, risqué, and improvised theater make the beholder ponder or flinch at a first sight, before being settled by a deep understanding or a deep confusion.

Sometimes people just come to support their friend’s fundraiser or private event. We rent our gallery.

Who enters these realms? You could say the ordinary and the extraordinary enter, but it may not be possible to differentiate.  Elected officials, homeless youth, community organizers, students, parents and toddlers have exchanged words or looks. Some may have been all of the above.

But who really is extraordinary, and who is ordinary? The extraordinary are the ones that chose to take off their masks and be liberated. Yes, liberated. The simplest and most powerful thing to do: to deconstruct one’s expectations and assumptions, and be present in the moment without fear of what others might say. And it’s ok to be nervous, in fact, it’s part of it. Liberation is not an easy thing, but it can be felt easily when it’s there.

Elected officials, professional musicians, emerging artists, parents, infants, punks and random wanderers have entered. Each event attracts a certain crowd, and sometimes, and quite often during Second Friday Open Mic. Night, they all mix.

Check us out! Bike walk or drive after you watch your favorite band at Porch Fest!This Saturday we present The Five Senses, an exhibition of mixed media with Joe Shea, Anthony David and Tim Kopra, sure to titillate all five of your senses, and any other sixth or seventh sense that you may have.

And finally, if you are a word smith or would like to give a shot at it, register for our Creative Non-Fiction Workshops this fall, instructed by Rae Gouirand, UC Davis instructor and award-winning author.

The instructor’s description of the workshops:

…discover the full potential of your skillset as storyteller, lyric artist, and reporter…forge connections to our individual voices and points of views through weekly writing assignments

This is a space you can root into, where you can count on being taken seriously, and where you will find stewardship for your writing life—no matter the scale of your current project or your level of experience.

If your weekend is booked, and writing workshops are not your thing, you can follow us at www.slackcollective.com. You can download an application to rent a studio, see pictures and videos, and take a peek at the artist profiles.  We have many events. Perhaps you will be the next person that we will collaborate with!

For the wild and artsy,

Slack Collective

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Xulio Soriano July 29, 2012 at 12:54 AM
Your welcome! By the way, correction: After porch fest we won't be open. So if anyboedy want's to visit, see our website for event hours.


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