Long Time No Blog

We catch up, and my surfing habits have changed.

Yes. I've been notably absent for a while.

This blog has been a tech blog since its inception. I've tried to share some of my insight into the rapidly changing face of social media. I hope I've done just that. When you succeed, I do. It's as simple as that: everyone is connected. And we're connected like never before.

But what I'm doing lately doesn't concern journalistic writing so much as fictional writing. I'm working on pushing the world that I've spent over a decade working on, the future history of the Earth's Moon, to some kind of story format. I've been able to lose a lot to the mundanity that brought down some of my earlier stories, opting for a thriller framework which is much more engaging.

That being said, some interesting habits have developed for my social media endeavors.

Firstly, there were a lot of client services available, and still are. These services are mashables, and can bring all of your streams to coherency by using filters and lists. They allowed you to do things like post pictures, or added an extra layer of content not usually available with the service.

The problem for these clients is that the services continue to improve. You don't need Twitpic to post images to Twitter. Just post them. Filtering? All of the services have the ability to filter and list now. And the filters and lists are actually pretty good.

This negates the need for them. I find that I rarely use my mashable, Hoot Suite any longer. This is great news for users, as anything that can simplify the flow of information is good for them.

So, while I decry the passing of such clients, I am heartened to know that competition between the big three services will continue to improve our experiences.

And that makes me glad.

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Michael Haley April 04, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Tom, good to see you back. What I am interested in if you have a chance to blog on it, is the whole privacy question. I liked to use Google as my home page because I could put all the news sites I read on it, but when they decided they could track me all the time and then sell my info without my permission I cancelled. I switched over to Yahoo but it isn't as good, and I suspect they are tracking me anyway without telling me. Any suggestions?
Michael Haley April 05, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Man, that really sucks. I will change my bank password right away. I hate this. Thanks for the info though. My wife just deleted herself off facebook because some guy she hasn't seen since high school found her through it and he is a major weirdo and looks like trouble. It seems like we have all been reduced to commodities to be bought and sold on the internet. We have to fight it, because it devalues us as human beings down to what money we are worth, like women only being valued for their looks. I may as well go back to Google, I just hate the principle of it and that someone could find out everything I google at some point.
Tom Emmons April 05, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I agree, Google is just about the same as anything else. I don't know about deleting off of Facebook, because you have so many controls over who you can block there. Here's my advice on the Social Media services: They don't need your date of birth. They don't need your full name. They don't need your address or phone number. You can actually use them as a wall to contact others, but not risk your vital information. I'm still split on banking. I like the convenience, but am a little irrationally afraid of their security, which gets better all the time.


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