Napa Bike Board Invites You To Bay Bridge Ride On Sunday

Ride starts 11 a.m. at Berkeley Marina.

Join us for a leisurely ride to and from the new Class I bike lane on the new Bay Bridge.

The ride for the day is an easy one: a 15 mile ride from the Berkeley Marina, to the Bay Bridge and back with a stop for lunch after the Bay Bridge segment of the ride.

Included on the ride will be several parts of the Class I Bay Trail, a stop at the Hot Italian for lunch (reportedly excellent according to friends at the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, so bring money), and the awesome University Avenue bike bridge over Hwy 80.

If you want to carpool of just caravan, meet at the Park and Ride Lot located on the corner of Redwood Rd. and Trancas St. just off Highway 29 at 10:00 am. (Click for link to map).

We should be at the Berkeley Marina and ready to ride by 11 a.m. where there is limited free parking. Here are directions from the Park and Ride lot to the Berkeley Marina. Look for us in the most remote part of the parking lot, as far away from the boat docks as we can get (we don't want to anger the boaters).

The ride will be a sight-seeing pleasure cruise mostly on the Bay Trail, with lunch at the bike-friendly Hot Italian, so we hope you will be able come along and have some fun seeing another part of the progress in bicycling infrastructure that is going on in the Bay Area.


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