Here Comes the Ice Rink!

The new Napa on Ice skating rink opens to the public Saturday morning -- here's a look at some of what it takes to make the holiday magic happen.


How does a parking lot turn into a skating pond? With a lot of water, work and machinery.

Wednesday morning, Napa on Ice board member (and city councilman) Peter Mott was rink-testing the resurfacing machine -- essentially a golf cart towing a scraper -- that's intended to keep the ice glassy-smooth for skaters at the new rink at Coombs and Second streets downtown.

On the nearby Second Street sidewalk, 4-year-old Vince Burgos and his mother, Lorraine Hernandez, played happily with a small mound of snow-like ice shavings scraped up from the rink.

After creating a tiny snowman, the two were preparing to build a castle, the little boy said with a smile.

The rink's organizers are throwing a gala Friday night, and Napa on Ice opens Saturday morning for two months of daily use at $12 a skater.


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