Bond Measure C Seeks $30 Million for St. Helena Schools

If at least 55 percent of voters in the Saint Helena Unified School District favor Measure C, the district will borrow $30 million for building, improving and replacing school facilities.

St. Helena High School could see expanded classroom facilities and Robert Louis Stevenson Middle school could finally say goodbye to its six-grade portable classrooms, if enough voters in the St. Helena Unified School District throw their ballot support behind Measure C.

The measure asks,

"To improve student achievement, college/ career readiness, and student safety by upgrading classrooms and instructional technology for improved teaching/learning in technology, science, math and other core subjects; replacing/constructing/improving school facilities, including the high school auditorium, and safer playing fields; and improving energy efficiency/conservation, generating savings to support instruction, shall St. Helena Unified School District issue bonds not to exceed $30 million, at legal interest rates, with citizens’ oversight, annual audits and all funds benefiting local schools?"

The Measure C project list, which accompanies this article, reads:

St. Helena High School:

Acquire, construct, and improve classrooms and facilities, including agricultural career and technical classrooms with expanded student training and employment programs

Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School: 

Renovate and expand classrooms and facilities at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School, including the removal of the 6th Grade Portables and replacement with permanent classrooms


Modernize Classrooms and Classroom Infrastructure 

Remove and Replace the Maintenance Building at St Helena High School

Acquire, construct, improve and modernize classrooms, science labs, and related educational facilities to meet current Division of State Architect (DSA) Compliance issues within the District

Perform Major Maintenance beyond available deferred maintenance funding 

Acquire, construct and improve classrooms and support facilities as needed resulting from other projects listed

Remove and/or relocate portable classrooms

Make repairs pursuant to Ed. Code 17582 et. Seq.

Furnish and equip schools to the extent permitted by law

Perform necessary site preparation/restoration in connection with new construction, renovation or remodeling or address unforeseen conditions revealed by construction/modernization (e.g., plumbing or gas line breaks, dry rot, seismic, structural, etc.)

Develop Plans and Specification for future capital projects (to be paid for from bonds approved at future elections), including:

A new Auditorium at St. Helena High School,

A Swimming Pool at St. Helena High School, 

Related educational facilities impacted by the placement of an Auditorium or Swimming Pool on the St. Helena High School Campus

(Source: St. Helena Unified School District)

Bond expenditures, which are permitted only to be used for student facilities and not for salaries or other school expenses, would be monitored by an independent taxpayer oversight committee.

The facilities bond measure requires a supermajority of at least 55 percent to succeed. 

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