Worst of St. Helena Road Construction May Be Over

Result is undergrounding utilities and improving visibility on Highway 29.

The most disruptive traffic impacts for residents and visitors on Highway 29 between Rutherford and St. Helena may be over.

On Thursday, officials from Napa County, St. Helena, PG&E, AT&T, Comcast and Underground Construction will mark the first major milestone in a three-part utilities undergrounding and road improvement project at a press conference and photo op.

This first phase involved: Digging a joint trench, pulling a conduit through the trench, then PG&E and Comcast pull their utilities through, switching customers over to new underground gas, electric and cable services, and removing the top portion of each of the power poles along the project route.

That last part, removing the top portion of each of the power poles, is expected to improve visibility, officials said.

The next two steps will be:

Step 2: AT&T pulls utilities through the conduit, switches customers over to new services, and completely removes the remaining sections of power poles along the project route. (Estimated completion Spring 2015)

Step 3: Caltrans widens Highway 29 to three lanes all along project route. (Estimated construction 2015 to 2017).

"The result will be that Highway 29 is safer, more efficient and more beautiful, for residents and visitors alike!," said Napa County spokeswoman Elizabeth Emmett of the entire project.


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