Want to Help Napa Valley Wildlife? Put Out Some Water

Record low rainfall has dried up Napa Valley watering holes.

Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County is encouraging the public to consider putting water out for wildlife.  The ongoing rain shortage can affect wildlife negatively. 

Normally this time of year, watering holes for wildlife: creeks, small ponds, and crevices in rocks are filled with water. 

Because of record low rainfall, these water sources are very low or entirely absent.  A shallow basin of water, such as a clean garbage can lid, or flower pot saucers, work well.  

Bird baths are also wonderful, if your budget permits.  It is very important that the container is kept clean and the water is changed frequently.  Standing water can encourage Mosquitos to breed, which can spread disease. 

 Also, since wildlife species don’t always have the best drinking etiquette, they may also bathe and defecate in the water, which makes it important to change the water frequently. 

 The best rule of thumb is changing the water daily, placing the container away from windows and where domestic pets (dogs and cats) usually frequent.  These tips will provide a safe, clean water source for wildlife, until Mother Nature cooperates with more rain in the forecast.  


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