VIDEO: Young Artists Honored at Napa City Hall

A new art show at City Hall brought out kids, parents and even grandparents Tuesday night, as city officials honored participants.

It certainly wasn’t your everyday meeting: Nearly every seat was taken, many by excited young children and most of the rest by their parents, siblings and even a grandparent or two.

The occasion followed an informal reception in the City Hall lobby, where a new exhibition of artwork by students is on display for three months.

“I’m very proud of what I saw out there,” said Vice Mayor Jim Krider to the audience.

Acting for Mayor Jill Techel, whom he said was in Kentucky, Krider handed out certificates of appreciation to each of the young artists, whose work on display was inspired by the floral portraits of Georgia O’Keefe.

Krider and other council members also praised the children’s parents for supporting an arts program at Browns Valley Elementary that is funded entirely from contributions.

The exhibition, which council member Julia Inman called “one of the most colorful … I’ve ever seen,” is sponsored by the city and as part of an arts initiative that is open to all local public schools.

To see all of the children accepting their certificates from Napa Vice Mayor Jim Krider, click on the video accompanying this story.

For their shout-out to art teacher Danielle Swofford, see "."


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