Tea Party Rallies for Romney at Napa Debate Watch

“I like Obama. He’s cute and charismatic. But the man didn’t come through on his promises,” said Romney voter Maddie Aronson at the Tea Party debate-watching party at Trancas Steakhouse Wednesday night.

Joe Ruggers, a long haul truck driver from Arkansas, just stopped by Trancas Steakhouse last night to have a cold beer and a burger.

“I was told this was a sports bar. I came here tonight and wow, the place is full of people chanting ‘We want Romney,’” he said.

Ruggers had wandered into the Napa Tea Party presidential debate watch party, which brought together Napa Valley residents and representatives from the national Tea Party Express political action committee.

Although most had their minds already made up who they want to be the next U.S. President, Tea Party members packed the bar to watch and listen to President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

While enjoying dinner or just having a libation, the crowd’s eyes were glued to one of the two TVs in the room.

Marleia Sire, vice-chair of the Napa County Republican Party, is not happy about the current state of the country.

“I want more from our president. I want someone to take charge and fulfill his campaign promises,” Sire said.

Maddie Aronson said, “I like Obama. He’s cute and charismatic. But the man didn’t come through on his promises."

"We need someone who can bring this country back the great nation it once was,” Aronson continued. “And Mitt Romney is the man to do that.”

Ray March arrived with the Tea Party Express bus, which was celebrating the end of a three-week tour.

“I’ve traveled about 1,000 miles with the Tea Party Express. I believe in the platform of the Tea Party. We need a change in who leads this great nation of ours,” March said.

John Christie said he is “fed up with the way the country has been going the past four years. I have been unemployed for almost two years. My unemployment has run out, and my wife is supporting all of us. I have three kids. I need, no I want a job. I am sick and tired of worrying if we are going to lose our house or if our utilities will be turned off. Something gotta give, and maybe Romney will make that happen.”

Alice Alkosser boosts she is “proud to be a member of the Tea Party. I want to see the national debt reduced, and I want someone to take the responsibility to see that is done.”

When asked if that someone was Romney, she quickly responded “Of course, who else?”

Ruggers, the trucker from Arkansas who just came in for a burger and brew, was unfazed by the cheers and chanting during his meal at Trancas Steakhouse.

"That’s OK," he said. "The beer is ice cold and they make one damn good burger.”

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