Petitions Submitted For Napa's Medical Pot Ordinance

5,050 signatures submitted by today's deadline; minimum was 3,852.

The Napa Compassion Referendum Committee today submitted petitions with 5,050 signatures supporting a reinstatement of Napa's medical marijuana dispensary ordinance -- and a reversal of the repeal ordinance adopted last year by Napa City Council.

The petitions were gathered within the last 30 days, committee officials said.

"Holidays and all, the committee had only 30 days to get 3,852 signatures," said committee spokesperson Spencer Smith. "Through a grassroots signature gathering campaign fueled by volunteers, the committee was able to get 5050 signatures.

“This grassroots campaign has been volunteer driven,” Smith added. “We have had volunteers spend long hours, from dawn till dusk, in front of grocery stores all over Napa to make this happen.”

On Dec. 3, the Napa City Council voted 3-2 to repeal its Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance. The Napa Compassion Referendum Committee swiftly organized days after in order to challenge this decision via the referendum process.  

The referendum would overturn the repeal of the MMDO, thereby reestablishing the MMDO which would authorize one regulated dispensary within city limits.

If the referendum receives enough valid signatures the next steps will be: A) The Napa City Council will have an opportunity to approve the referendum B) If the Napa City Council rejects the referendum, and an election will be triggered to allow the voters to decide.

On Wednesday, Jan. 15,  the committee submitted the petitions to the Napa City Clerks office. After that, the petitions will be delivered to the Napa County Elections Office for verification of the signatures. 
Volunteers found a lot of support in the community for a Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary. Through the course of this campaign, the public has been educated on the benefits that medical marijuana provides to those suffering from chronic pain, seizures, terminal illness and a myriad of other illnesses.

Through this community Referendum the committee learned how important it is to make medicinal marijuana available locally to the sick and suffering citizens of our community, Smith said.

The MMDO was developed over two years at a cost of $85,000 by the Napa City Council and the citizens to bring a highly regulated and safe access of medicinal marijuana to our community. The Committee looks forward to advancing this MMDO with the spirit and intent that it was developed originally.

“This campaign has been twofold,” Smith said. “It's about providing patients with safe access to their medicine and providing our community with direct access through the democratic process.” 
Tom Davidson January 15, 2014 at 07:59 PM
Mr. Grape will NOT be happy.
Louisa Hufstader January 16, 2014 at 06:18 AM
Ms. Bud and Mr. Grape have already been seen together on multiple occasions in wine country. They'll get along fine.
Tom Davidson January 16, 2014 at 08:54 AM
Mr. Grape has Media Relations contacts from all across the country to tell us how fair and open he is in his relationships with Miss Bud, yet Miss Bud is still having to fight laws just to allow her to come out in one location in this county on a limited basis. Yet Mr.Grape is widely and openly toasted by leaders all over this county and can be found in stores and restaurants. Perhaps Mr. Grape is happy in their relationship, but Miss Bud has to circulate petitions in a fight just to find one place to be seen legally in Mr. Grape's home town, and it'll take a doctor's prescription. Mr. Grape is cheating on Miss Bud all over the place and has people all over the country telling us how fair he is to Miss Bud. He certainly is doing well at keeping her "in her place", but is he really happy ? At least SOMEBODY will be happy with that relationship, but as it is now Mr. Grape can marry Mr. Cheese and Miss Bud can't even legally be seen in public, let alone be seen with Mr. Grape. That seems so 1950-ish.
Alexander Simenstad January 17, 2014 at 06:18 AM
Ms bud has more worth than mr grape. Ms bud can help citizens of napa economically and medicinally. Mr grape causes domestic disputes. Ms bud soothes the soul. Too many wineries and vineyards in napa. Mr grape is wasteful. The cannabis plant converts more co2 into oxygen than trees or mr grape.


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