Napa Voters Report Smooth Sailing at Polls

A Sonoma County problem with mail-in ballots from voters who registered online does not seem to have materialized in Napa, according to voters posting on our Facebook page.

We asked on our Facebook page if folks were having trouble at the polls today. Here's what people posted in return:

  • Jodi Shavlik Two words. Mail it.
  • Leah Barker-Westin Only for about 2 minutes
  • Karen Hutchison Calhoun That was what made me sign up for permanent absentee...
  • Matthew Young I still can't believe John Tuteur got re-elected. It shouldn't take weeks to count absentee ballots in a county of 125,000 people.
  • Tansy Otterbeck 2 minutes or less. Everyone was more prepared, both workers and voters.
  • Stacy Braunstein Dropped off yesterday:)
  • Dale Martin Also dropped off yesterday. Pulled up, handed off my ballot and got my "I Voted" sticker. No fuss, no muss.
  • Kay Malaske This lazy voter used the super-handy drive by drop off at the downtown election office. Dropped off with no trouble. I only get a mail in ballot due to reduction in Napa polling places.
  • Ryan Payne Permanent absentee for life! No worries, and lots of time to study up on the issues.
  • Laura Reed I turned in my ballot yesterday at the drive-through spot on Burnell. No waiting at all! Loved it!
  • Mary George Shaw Our area can only do it by mail...same as the comment above me, I just drove through, no waiting!
  • Gale Tyner No wait at all. Two people before me, took all of 15 minutes :)
  • Debi Stone No waiting for me either!!
  • Lorrie Dineen-Thackeray Permanent absentee voter! Easy!
  • Dena A Jackson THANK YOU to the very nice lady that allowed me to merge into the line from the bank parking lot to drop off my ballot tonight. I am so sorry to the twenty or so cars that were behind her. I had NO idea the line was so long because I was coming from the other direction.
  • Rick Garrett Absentee here.
  • Bookmark this link for our live updates of election results for all the Napa city and county races and ballot measures.

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