Napa Pipe Vote Postponed

May 2 now seems the likely date for a Napa County planning commission decision on whether to recommend the Napa Pipe development proposal to the county board of supervisors.

Monday night's continued special meeting of the Napa County Conservation, Development and Planning Commission ended without a vote on whether or not to recommend the proposed Napa Pipe development to the county board of supervisors.

It was, in the words of commission chair Michael Basayne, "a little bit of a confusing evening."

Planning commissioners had arrived ready to hold their deliberations and vote, only to find themselves, at the recommendation of county staff, reopening a public hearing they'd thought had been closed last month.

Perhaps because public comment had been closed, fewer than 100 people turned out for this meeting, held in the same venue —Napa Valley College's Little Theater — that had overflowed with more than 250 at last month's session.

As Napan Ginny Simms pointed out to the commission, many people may have stayed away from Monday's meeting because the public hearing had been closed at the end of the five-hour March 21 marathon.

County staff had recommended reopening the hearing because of the volume of written comments still coming in after March 21.

The result was a mixed bag that may have left nobody satisfied: A series of public comments — for, against and questioning the proposal — was followed by a partial deliberation in which three commission members indicated their support of housing development at Napa Pipe, although at different densities. (For excerpts from their comments, please see .)

The commission will resume deliberations at its regular meeting in the county building May 2, following a final bout of public comment that Basayne said would be restricted to people who had not spoken previously, with a three-minute time limit.

The May 2 meeting is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. A video of Monday night's meeting, filmed by James Raymond of , will be available on the county website.

For more on last night's meeting, see the report Planning commission delays Napa Pipe decision until May, by Peter Jensen.

Mike Treleven April 03, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Scrap Napa Pipe once and for all. There are too many other issues the city should be dealing with.
Derry April 04, 2012 at 01:59 PM
I agree. Let's build closer to the city center, urban infill, rather than contributing to sprawl. Any time I hear that there's "ample water" to supply a development my B.S. detector starts beeping. I haven't heard anyone discussing the "other end" of the water issue.... what to do with the water that's already been used. Maybe we should require that a developer actually LIVE in the development, then we'd see the depth of the commitment. If more people move into the downtown area, jobs and businesses will follow. Perhaps then our First Street corridor will look a little less like Detroit.


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