Napa County Jail To Provide Video Visitation for Inmates, Families

Internet visits said to increase access and safety.

Napa County Jail. Patch file photo
Napa County Jail. Patch file photo

By mid-March, friends and family of inmates at the Napa County Jail will visit using video and the Internet, thanks to a video visitation system. 

 Similar to popular Internet applications such as FaceTime and Skype, the video visitation program provides the opportunity for family and friends to connect with inmates regardless of distance and with more flexibility in scheduling.

Through an agreement approved today by the Board of Supervisors, Securus Technologies, Inc. of Dallas, TX, will provide and maintain the hardware and software in the jail at no cost to the County. 

Video terminals will be located in the housing units, for the inmates’ use, and in the jail visiting areas, for visitors, eliminating the need to physically

Tom Davidson January 08, 2014 at 02:25 PM
Another one of these deals where an outside company calls The Dealmakers with a "deal" to extract money and "share" some of the money while they take the lion's share ? Is this a new trend, where companies such as Redflex, AMR, etc., "loan" things that our govermentors don't really "want" very much until , voila, providers appear out of the blue to take the money for themselves, while suckering our government with visions of "free" money just for allowing them to "provide services" for "free" ? Any research done, or do they just listen to the sales pitch ? If we really need it, we should buy it ourselves. Otherwise, let's put these "necessities" out to bid. Who know what kind of corruption could go on behind closed doors in situations like this..... Yeah, I know. It's free. Such a deal. What could POSSIBLY be wrong with these deals with my friend's companies. Trust them....
kate sornberger January 08, 2014 at 06:11 PM
and just think, every "visit" can also go straight to the NSA, both audio and video..,convenient! How does this system support itself?
J. Roland Wagner January 09, 2014 at 02:11 PM
While it has some advantages it also has access for NSA and any other government organization that wants to monitor all inmate communications. Lets remember the pretrial detainees are not convicts and should not be denied all aspects of privacy. You may rely on the fact that all communications will be "monitored" even those otherwise subject to privilege against disclosure.


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