Measure V Would Open Restaurant to Non-Golfers

Our county's land use laws are very specific: That's why a vote of the people is needed for non-golfers to dine and dance at the Chardonnay Golf Club.

The Napa County General Plan is a complicated document, but one underlying concept is a simple one:

Development is limited to specifically zoned areas, while most open and agricultural land is strictly protected by a law known as Measure J, the Agricultural Lands Preservation Initiative.

Passed by Napa County voters in 1990 as a 30-year measure, Measure J's land protections were extended to the year 2058 by another vote in 2008.

The law requires voter approval for any changes to the use of land zoned for agriculture, watershed and open space.

And that is why Napa County voters are being asked to decide whether non-golfers may order meals and host parties at the Chardonnay Golf Club restaurant, off Jameson Canyon Road south of the city.

Chardonnay is a privately-owned course that is open to the public, but because of its zoning, the county general plan requires that only those who play golf there may use its restaurant and banquet facilities.

Measure V seeks a change in the general plan and zoning rules, allowing customers to use the dining facilities without having to go around the golf course first.

The measure is supported by the Napa Chamber of Commerce, the City of American Canyon, the county board of supervisors and tourism advocates.

It has no formal opposition.

Will you vote in favor of Measure V? Tell us in the comments.

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