Gov. Brown Will Open CA Trade Office in China, Touts High-Speed Rail

California Gov. Jerry Brown gave his State of the State Address Thursday morning. Will a trade office in China help Napa Valley vintners sell their wines to Chinese consumers? Tell us in the comments.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday called for stronger ties between California and China, announcing he'll lead a trade and investment trip to that country in April and will open a trade office in Shanghai.

Will a California trade office in China help Napa Valley vintners sell their wines to Chinese consumers? Tell us in the comments.

The announcement came during Brown's State of the State Address, where he touted the strength of California's rebounding economy, promised fiscal discipline with Proposition 30 funding and compared high-speed rail to "The Little Engine That Could."

"Two years ago they were writing our obituary," Brown said. "Well, it didn't happen. California is back, our budget is balanced and we're on the move."

Brown brought up some of the same points mentioned during his budget announcement two weeks ago–namely that funding from the recently approved Proposition 30 must be spent wisely and that poor schools deserve more supplemental funding than those in well-off areas.

"Equal treatment for children in unequal situations is not justice," Brown said to applause from the legislators in attendance.

On the topic of high-speed rail, Brown described some of the first sections of track that will be built, and said construction will "finally" start this year.

"Yes it's bold, but so is everything about California," he said, noting similar high-speed rail systems in other countries.

Brown also called for a system of two 30-mile-long, 40-foot-wide tunnels underneath the Delta, designed to improve ecology and ease water supply south.

He said the project would cost about $14 billion, the same as the London Olympics, but would have a lasting benefit on the state.

A transcript of Brown's speech can be viewed on the state's website here.

What did you think of the governor's speech and his proposals? Tell us in the comments section below.

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DBell January 24, 2013 at 09:04 PM
Is there really a need for a high-speed rail between LA and No. Ca?? And if there is, who will really use it if the cost is similar to airfare but the travel time is much longer? This high-speed rail reminds me of the mono-rail episode of the Simpson's I do like the idea of 'trying' to open up foreign markets for our wares, lets hope that works out.
Sherri January 24, 2013 at 09:38 PM
Balanced budget because he raised the sales tax and taxed the wealthy to pay for failing schools. Robbing from Peter to balance a budget doesn't mean a darn thing. We'll be right back where we started if this billion dollar boondoggle of a high speed rail goes through. What a laugh.
Josh Garagos January 25, 2013 at 06:55 PM
High speed rail is completley neccessary, oil prices won't be low forever and eventually air travel will be only available for the very wealthy becuase of the high cost of jet fuel, what is the other option to shuttle people in a quick manner from northern California to southern California?
DBell January 25, 2013 at 07:06 PM
Josh, I agree oil prices wont stay low (not that there really low now), but what about the cost of electricity that will fuel this train. Can it stay relatively low compared to oil in the future? Im not sure.
Josh Garagos January 26, 2013 at 03:41 AM
To DBell, Ya, electricity can stay low if we begin using the abundance of natural gas this country has to power the electric grid, or through nuclear power, Eventually the black gold that oil is will no longer be cheap, if you think its not really low now just wait, it won't even take that much longer before we see the price of oil going up and up. Most of the cheap and easy oil to get to and pump has already been used, now its all about drilling deeper and investing in new technology which also cost money. Eventually the cost and energy of getting the oil out of the ground or refining it from tarsands will cost more than the oil can be sold for. And were way farther away from discovering new ways to power something like an airplane off of alternative fuels than we are of having the power and technology to build high speed rail


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