Comment Period Extended on Napa Pipe Report

County planning commission votes 3-1 to add 30 days to the public comment period on the mixed-use proposal's draft environmental impact report.

After two packed meetings and hours of public testimony, the Napa County Conservation, Development and Planning Commission voted 3 to 1 last night to extend the period for public comment on the draft environmental impact report for the proposed mixed-use development.

The public comment period was slated to close March 31, but will now be extended to the end of the business day May 2, according to county planning director Hilary Gitleman.

Although many Napa County residents spoke in favor of the project, which would add thousands of homes and a new school just south of Napa's city limit, there were also many voices raised against the proposal for the longtime industrial site.

Traffic congestion, soil contamination and water use topped the list of concerns for speakers opposed to the project, while many of those in favor emphasized the fact that housingat Napa Pipe would relieve development pressure on unincorporated areas of the county.

Napa Patch had reporters at both the morning and evening meetings Wednesday, and we'll be updating this story with public testimony, commissioner comments and lots of video throughout the day on Thursday.

John Dalrymple March 17, 2011 at 06:16 PM
Many spoke at the meeting about the potential for high quality construction jobs which the developer estimated at over a 1,000 a year for a decade or more. Unfortunately the developer has not disclosed to many that he intends to flip the project after he gets the entitlements and he claims he has no control over who the future developer will hire. So for right now those claims for local jobs are just thin air.
Dee Gee March 21, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Hmmm... who (besides you) says the developer "intends to flip the project after he gets the entitlements?" The project won't have entitlements until there's a development agreement with the County about important details like how much affordable housing's included and where the streets will go, what kinds of fees get paid, where an elementary school will go, etc. There've no doubt also been talks between construction workers and the developer about wages/benefits that'll be paid for those 1,000 jobs for the next decade. The workers are satisfied that this is the real deal. If you have REAL information that it's all a swindle, please go to the County and the DA and make it public. If this is just speculation, then you owe it to folks to say that also. We need to put these construction workers back to work. And we need to build some homes for the 33% of the employees in the County who commute to work each day from other counties. Most of these commuters would love to live at Napa Pipe and be able to bike or walk to work.


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