8 State Veterans Homes -- Including Yountville -- Cut Water Usage

Napa Valley's Veterans Home of California at Yountville included in water use cutbacks.


 Today the eight Veterans Homes of California have begun implementing water conservation measures in compliance with Governor Brown’s directive to cut water usage and prepare for the ongoing drought conditions in California.

That includes the Veterans Home of California at Yountville, the largest such facility in the state. 

The restrictions follow today's drought emergency declaration by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The homes have been directed to cut back on watering landscaping and washing vehicles and to explore every option for cutting the amount of water needed to operate the homes safely and efficiently.  None of the actions taken to reduce water use will impact the residents of the homes at this time.

“We will do everything that we can to conserve water at our homes while ensuring the safety and quality of care that our veteran residents expect and need,” said Diane Vanderpot, CalVet Undersecretary for Veterans Home.

CalVet operates eight veterans homes throughout California.  The largest facility is Yountville, located in the Napa Valley. The other homes are located in Chula Vista (San Diego County), Barstow (Riverside County), West Los Angeles, Lancaster, Ventura, Fresno and Redding.


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