Tax Returns Lost, Found in St. Helena

Sunday's St. Helena police log also includes an arrest on suspicion of DUI, a reported trip-and-fall accident, a non-injury traffic collision and various false alarms.

St. Helena Police Department Bulletin for Sunday, October 14, 2012

07:51 Unclassified 

Occurred on Brown St, St Helena. Service Class: RESD Via 911: caller advised she accidently dialed 911. Disposition: Log Note Only.

08:29 Citizen or Motorist Assist 

Officer initiated activity at St Helena Skateboard Park, Crane Av, St Helena. Opening park. Disposition: Assisted.

09:22 Alarm

Occurred on Grayson Av., St Helena. "Karen" advised 10-33S sounding from office room 103, RP states someone entered and then exited, nothing further. Rep Pending. Units 97 advised code 4 secure. Disposition: False Alarm - Malfunction.

09:27 Animal Call 

Occurred on Signorelli Cir, St Helena. 1091B from inside a home, rp has attempting to contact owner who doesn't seem to be home. Requesting officer to contact Owner and check on dog. Dog is able to come in and out of home, per S2 QOA, dog barked only when S2 knocked, no owner was contacted, business card left for owner. Owner called back they went out for dinner and lunch, apologized for the dog and will make sure she is quiet when they leave. Disposition: Abated.

10:24 T/C w/No Details Occurred at Main St/Pratt Av, St Helena. Unknown type accident Main/Pratt, L6 advised 2 veh, one veh is blocking the roadway, 1185 both veh. Passengers transported to SHPD to wait for rides. 11-10 taken.  Disposition: Report Taken.

10:39 Patrol Check or Information

Occurred on Main St. , St Helena. **Extra Patrol Graveyard**. .

11:06 Found Property

Occurred at Saint Helena Police Department on Main St., St Helena. Found US Bank debit card that was left bank of the West ATM machine. Dispatch contacted US Bank card now reported as lost. Owner to be notified by Bank. Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:09 Disturbance 

Occurred on Scott St, St Helena. Large passenger van idling in a residential area, veh was parked over 20 mins. Advised this was earlier this morning around 7am, would like a log note. Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:13 Wireless 911 Hang Up Call 

Occurred on La Fata St, St Helena. Via W911: male voices laughing and talking could be heard along with "swishing noise" on call back male answered On call back contacted male who advised everything was fine and his phone was in his pocket. Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:22 Alarm 

Occurred on Grayson Av., St Helena. Karen advised 10-33 motion, no voices. Neg rep . L6 is 97 advised contacted teacher whose code wasn't working. School has been notified. Disposition: Employee Error Alarm.

13:45 Found Property

Occurred on Olive Av, St Helena. Found property, located IFO her home, large stack of tax return documents rolled up in a rubber band. L6 en route to pick up, will attmept to contact owner of property. Owner contacted and advised if we could please return it to CPA that lives here in town. Property returned to owner. Disposition: Assisted.

14:06 Citizen or Motorist Assist

Occurred at Saint Helena Police Department on Main St., St Helena. Walk in request for assistance on locating a fob that has fallen in between his seat somewhere, S2 located key. Disposition: Assisted.

14:19 Citizen or Motorist Assist

Occurred at Saint Helena Police Department on Main St., St Helena. Assisted a concerned citizen regarding recent contact with her father. Disposition: Assisted.

17:16 Suspicious Circumstances

Occurred on Madrona Av, St Helen. 10-30 veh seen parked with a male sleeping inside. Requesting on officer to check on subject. L6 located veh advised unoccupied. Disposition: Checks Ok.

18:09 Trip & Fall

Officer initiated activity at Main St, St Helena. Officer advises he is out with a female who has tripped on City sidewalk. Female offered medical 4 times and refused all four times, but did indicate her neck was hurting. Disposition: Report Taken.

19:25 Vehicle Check

Officer initiated activity at Pratt Av, St Helena. Disposition: Warning (Cite/Verbal).

20:31 Found Property

Occurred at Main St/Dowdell Ln, St Helena. Resident brought in a woman's "Sonoma Style" jean jacket found in the street, no identifing info, only a hankie and tiny flashlight in the pockets. If no one claims finder would like the jacket donated to thrift shop. Disposition: Report Taken.

21:45 Disturbance

Occurred on Pope St, St Helena. Reports large party going on next door, pretty loud but OK for PD to wait till 10pm to see if they quiet down. Disposition: Checks Ok.

23:23 Disturbance

Occurred at El Bonita Motel on Main St. , St Helena. Loud partying going on behind hotel. Disposition: Abated.

23:52 Traffic Stop

Officer initiated activity at Harvest Inn, Main St, St Helena. St. Helena man arrested on sus of dui. Prisoner released at 0530 Disposition: Report Taken.

00:13 Traffic Stop

Officer initiated activity at Silverado Trl/Pope St, St Helena. Disposition: Warning (Cite/Verbal).

Source: St. Helena Police Department. For the latest reports on crime and arrests in Napa, please see our Police & Fire section, available from the News tab above and at napavalley.patch.com/police-fire.

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