Tackling Napa's Gang Problem

Eight key findings from a countywide campaign.

  • Napa County is experiencing major demographic changes.
  • Gang activity is growing, but manageable.
  • There is a modest geographic concentration of gang problems.
  • The gang problems are more pronounced among juveniles than adults.
  • Gang membership is a fluid state.
  • Hispanics have higher numbers as gang members in the criminal justice system.
  • Gang affiliation is a risk factor for substance abuse and victimization.
  • More intervention and prevention is needed.

Recommendations include:

  • Anti-gang and at-risk youth programs in schools.
  • Meetings with the community to discuss gang issues and collect data.
  • Do not treat all gang members and at-risk youth as equals.
  • The large number of Hispanic gang members is a problem that requires efforts beyond police and needs to involve the community.

Source: County of Napa. More: Commission Combats Gangs in Napa.


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