St. Helena Police Log, Oct. 8, 2012

The St. Helena Police Department assisted in Monday's serious collision in which two elderly women were struck by a car while bicycling on Highway 29. Other calls for service include alarm, animal and leaf-blower incidents.

From the St. Helena Police Department:

DAY SHIFT --- Monday, October 8, 2012

08:24 Traffic Hazard 121008003

Occurred on Grayson Av, St Helen. (Hundred block.) Large water leak unknown where it's coming from , on duty PW notified. L6 and PW confirmed water department flushing the hydrants.  Disposition: Checks Ok.

08:51 Animal Call 121008004

Occurred on Edwards St, St Helen. Lost hen, in the area of Edwards. bantam hen, dark tail and body w/gold chest. If seen or located contact owner. Rp called back to advised after posting up signs in the area the hen was located.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:20 Abandoned Vehicle 121008005

Occurred on Hunt Av, St Helen. Veh has not moved in over a week, windows are open. 10-21 RO, voicemail left regarding 72hour notice that has been posted on veh. Letter send. Disposition: Abated.

10:38 Traffic Stop 121008006

Officer initiated activity at Wells Fargo Bank, Main St, St Helena. Disposition: Warning (Cite/Verbal).

10:51 Suspicious Circumstances 121008007

Occurred at Farmstead on Main St., St Helen. Rp requesting an officer to contact a subject that flagged him down for help believes that someone is after him regarding a 273.5 that might have occured. Disposition: Checks Ok.

12:40 Grand Theft 121008008

Occurred at Harvest Inn on Main St., St Helen. Lost property, came back to hotel and could not find jewlery in the safe, called back to 10-22 per hotel they found his property. Disposition: Disregard From Alarm Company.

12:45 Assist Other Agency 121008009

Occurred at 29/EHLERS, Napaco. Via business line, 1180 veh vs 2 bicyclist, fire and medical en route, CHP, CALfire, AMR, REACH all dispatched. L6, NVR32 assisting with traffic control, CHP ETA 5-8 min. Disposition: Assisted.

13:06 Speeding Vehicles 121008010

Occurred on Hunt Av, St Helen. (Hundred block.) **EXTRA PATROL REQUESTED** 22350 drivers 45+ in the early AM, requesting patrol unit/radar trailer to help slow veh down or cite.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:31 Fraud/Scam Of Any Type 121008011

Occurred on Crinella Dr, St Helen. States his account had been depleted over the weekend, asked to provide statement print out and RP didn't return. Disposition: Canceled by RP.

15:36 Alarm 121008012

Occurred at Bank Of America on Adams St. , St Helen. Kearen states 1033B sounding from the ATM, requesting officers to check her 5 points list, for burns, pry marks, cut wires, open doors, smell of smoke or OOS signs. Units 97 advised code 4, closed. Disposition: False Alarm - Malfunction.

15:53 Alarm 121008013

Occurred on Sylvaner Av, St Helen. #14 states 1033B activated from the screen door. Neg rep , the pet caretaker lost key was contacted on scene, with locksmith, will reset alarm. Disposition: Employee Error Alarm.

17:09 City Code Violation 121008014

Occurred on Spring Mountain Rd, St Helen. Contract gardener using leaf blower and cleaning a yard was contacted by RP, was advised of city ordinance, gardener disregarded the RP, requesting SHPD to contact. Disposition: Warning (Cite/Verbal).

17:32 Be On The Lookout 121008015

Occurred at Crestwood on (Unknown Address). , Napaco. BOL for a walk away patient.  Disposition: Advised.

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