Pot & Meth Pipe in The Socks; 'Shrooms in The Backpack: Napa Man Arrested

A 56-year-old Napa man was arrested on a variety of drug-related charges after a Napa Police Department saw his vehicle parked in a no parking zone on the southern end of Riverside Drive at Elm Street.

Daniel James Rugg was sitting in the driver's seat of his white Toyota Tercel on Friday at about 3 p.m. when the Napa officer approached and asked if he possessed any drugs.

Rugg reportedly told the officer that he had some marijuana in the vehicle and some in his sock, according to police.

The officer searched Rugg and did, in fact, locate the suspected marijuana in his sock, as well as a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine, police said.

The officer further searched Rugg’s vehicle and found a small amount of marijuana on the floorboard, and in his backpack a clear plastic Baggie containing suspect psilocybin mushrooms, police said.

The officer also caught telltale signs from Rugg of being under the influence of drugs, police said, and the suspect was arrested for suspicion of possession of drugs, paraphernalia and being under the influence of substances. 


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