POLICE LOG: 2 Women Arrested for Burglary, Shoplifting at Walmart

Napa Police allege women stole about $110 worth of clothing.

Two women were arrested this week on suspicion of stealing items from Walmart in Napa, and for outstanding warrants and various drug-related offenses.

Laura Ann Nicole Friedell, 23, of Santa Rosa, and Jennifer Marie Zwicker, 29, of Redwood Valley, were taken into custody at 9 p.m. Tuesday at the store at 681 Lincoln Ave.

An officer responded to a report of a shoplifter in custody at the Walmart store and contacted the loss prevention officer.

The loss prevention officer stated that Friedell had been seen shopping in the store with another female subject who identified herself to loss prevention as Valeria Baldovino (later identified as Zwicker).

The loss prevention officer advised he had watched Friedell select several items of merchandise and conceal them on her person, police said. Friedell allegedly exited the store without paying for any of the items, police said.

The loss prevention officer contacted Friedell and attempted to take her into custody. She started to resist and pull away from the loss prevention officer, police said.

The loss prevention officer was able to control Friedell and take her into custody. Another loss prevention officer observed Zwicker take items from the store and walk out with Friedell, without paying for the items, police said.

 When Friedell resisted arrest, Zwicker left the scene. Once Zwicker was taken into custody and brought to the security office, Zwicker returned to the store looking for Friedell.

The loss prevention officer contacted Zwicker and brought her to the security office. The officer took Friedell into custody. Zwicker was released, because the loss prevention officer did not locate any of the items that were taken by Zwicker.

As the officer was escorting Friedell to his patrol car, a citizen contacted him about seeing a purse underneath a vehicle in the parking lot.   The citizen felt it was suspicious and wanted the officer to retrieve the purse.

He followed the citizen through the parking lot to where she had seen the purse. The citizen pointed to a green SUV near the cart rack in the parking lot. She described the purse as being black and it had been shoved under the front of the vehicle.

As the officer neared the vehicle, he noted the person sitting in the driver's seat was Zwicker, police said. The citizen pointed to Zwicker and stated, "I think she picked up the purse," police said.

As the officer approached the vehicle and shined his light inside to see what Zwicker was doing, he allegedly observed her attempting to shove something behind the driver's seat of the vehicle.

When he looked in the vehicle, he saw the purse on the backseat floorboard. When the officer asked Zwicker for identification, she said she did not have any and identified herself as Valeria Baldovino.

The officer asked Zwicker if he could search her vehicle and Zwicker stated the vehicle was not hers and that he could search it. The officer looked in the black purse and found an expired driver’s license with Zwicker that gave Zwicker’s true identity, police said.

A further search of the purse resulted in the officer finding clothing items with Walmart tags still attached. The Walmart loss prevention officer responded to the parking lot and identified the clothing as those items she witnessed Zwicker take form the store without paying.

The officer allegedly also located a debit card that belonged to another person, one pill (suspected Xanax) in a plastic baggie, syringes and a glass smoking pipe.

A records check on Zwicker revealed two warrants for her arrest out of Sonoma County for theft and drug possession. Zwicker was arrested for the warrants, burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and giving a false name to the officer. She was transported and booked into Napa County Department of Corrections.

Friedell was transported and booked into Napa County Department of Corrections for burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Friedell and Zwicker took approximately $110.00 worth of clothing. The items were returned to Walmart.


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