Napa Police: What to Do When Shooting Starts

The Napa Police Department and local school district have safety plans for school shootings. But what about the rest of us? A police captain shares advice for bystanders when the unthinkable occurs.

The school shootings in . Friday sent a shocking message to small cities and towns around the country: If kindergartners and teachers can be mowed down in their classrooms during the Christmas season, then none of us may be safe anywhere.

In Napa, police have long worked with the schools to develop safety plans that have been put into action more than once this year when police pursuits led to lockdowns.

"Additionally, the police department trains to deal with situations that involve active shooters in many types of environments, including schools," said Napa Police Capt. Jeff Troendly.

Regardless of where a mass shooting occurs, Troendly advises:

  • People should attempt to leave that area as quickly as possible. 
  • If people are limited on where they can go, they should seek cover in an area that can provide protection from unwanted persons, such as room that has a door that can be locked. 
  • If cover is not an option, then seeking a place that offers concealment from the armed person would be the next option. 
  • If you must lock yourself in a room or hide, it is best to remain as calm as possible and do not make noise to give your position away. 
  • Once in place, stay in place and wait for law enforcement personnel to assist you.

Click here to read the Napa Valley Unified School District's response to the Newtown shootings.

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Ron December 15, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Good advice as far as it goes. Certainly try to get away, hide etc until the police come but when you are dealing with active shooters remember their motive is to kill as many people as they can and will until they are stopped. If can't escape or hide try to find a way to fight back. Ordinary things can become barricades and weapons. Team up with others. Of course there is no guarantee but at least you may stand a fighting chance instead of just waiting to be shot. Best of all know your workplace well and have plan of action beforehand. There is a lot of good information on this. Here is one link. http://www.fox59.com/news/ColoradoTheaterShootings/wxin-how-to-defend-yourself-against-an-active-shooter-20120720,0,125136.column
Kevin December 17, 2012 at 05:02 AM
You forget one thing Ron, we are not ALLOWED to defend ourselves here in Napa. The "powers in charge" do not allow concealed carry for most people...
Ash Leigh December 17, 2012 at 05:12 PM
You can pick up almost any type of object and use it as a weapon. Yes, you may get harmed or killed doing it, but it may distract the armed gunman for the few seconds that someone else may disarm him. Not saying to be a hero, but I'd give my life to save others - especially children. Like Ron states, team up and find a way to fight back.


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