Napa Police Log: Two Women Arrested Overnight

One woman is arrested for violating probation and the other on an outstanding petty theft warrant

Police received a disturbance call around midnight in the area of 1100 Shetler Ave., finding 22-year-old Kelly Warren had been drinking, a violation of her Napa County probabtion. She was arrested and booked at the jail.

Later on, police received an unwanted subject call at 4:25 a.m. in the vicinity of the Collier apartments, finding Kathy Crabtree, 41, had an outstanding local warrant for petty theft. She was arrested and booked at the jail.

DM McCann July 11, 2011 at 08:28 AM
Wow! You mean that the Napa P.D. has a few minor law-breakers to lawfully detain? (Hopefully not harrass, detain, and subject to unwarrented vehicles searches, despite no infractions, without any "Probable Cause" whatsoeve)r, that would be so refreshing! Oh I'm sorry, that "game" is played in American Canyon! I've been pulled over, detained, despite not having any legal reason, w/out any suspicious circumstances whatsoever, had my vehicle torn apart, interior lights broken, & had this officer refused to show any I.D.,or give me a card with his name on it, after numerous requests. The three times he's singled me out, during one such incident, (which have included hancuffing me, forcing me into the back of a patrol car for an hour, window up, in 87 degree weather, for no reason except a warped sense of "control". I was marched up to to corner of HWY 29, & forced to stand there for almost a half hour, hands still cuffed behind my back. I've spoken to many ppl., mostly women, in American Canyon who have recieved the same or similar treatment. When I'd received a fix-it ticket from another officer, I had listened when he "put out the call", no back up was requested, but here comes "Officer___", ready to give out his brand of abuse. I haven't seen this misogynistic "51/50" on patrol lately, I hope his probation was still in effect, and he picked the wrong person, on the wrong day. I hope that his bizarre & illegal behavior (finally) got him washed out. MUCH MORE TO TELL...


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