Napa Police Log: Man Pulled from River was Far from Sober

From the Napa Police Department.

A report that a man was stuck and possibly drowning in the Napa River brought police to the area behind the on Wednesday night, according to a media log released by the :

On 3/9/11 about 2124 hours, officers were dispatched to the area of the Napa River behind the Westin Hotel, 1314 McKinstry Street, for the report of a subject who was stuck in the river and possibly drowning. Numerous officers, along with the Napa Fire Department and Piner`s Ambulance personnel, responded to the scene. It took an extensive period of time in determining how to access the subject, later identified as S-Mark Pike 52 years (transient). Once an access point was identified, Napa Fire Department personnel rescued Pike from the river. It was determined that Pike was intoxicated and unable to care for himself and (he) was arrested and booked.

At about 10 p.m. Tuesday, Napa police arrested 19-year-old Kelsie Marie Schrette after her car struck the center divide on the Maxwell Bridge when she swerved to avoid a traffic cone, according to the log:

It was determined that Schrette was under the influence of alcohol and also in possession of open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. She was treated at QVH for a small laceration on her chin and booked into NCDC.

Earlier Tuesday, according to the log, police arrested 37-year-old Jesse Burkett Crow for "possession of a dirk or dagger" after a vehicle stop:

Crow was the driver of a vehicle that was stopped for having an in-operable taillight. An odor of fresh marijuana could be smelled coming from the inside of the vehicle. Crow denied there was any marijuana in the vehicle and consented to search. Located directly below where he was seated, the officer observed a locked open pocket knife, which Crow said fell from his pocket. A small amount of loose marijuana leaves was found on the floorboard. He was arrested and booked without incident.

A couple living in the 1600 block of Mary C Drive were arrested together after a probation search by the Special Enforcement Unit, according to the log:

(Sally Diane) Wetterling is on Napa (County) probation and a probation search of her residence by SEU Officers and Napa County Probation was conducted. She was located with Bruce Hanshew. Suspected methamphetamine and a glass smoking pipe were located in her room. Hanshew consented to a search of his person.  Suspected methamphetamine was located on his person. Both booked without incident.

Another Napa County probationer, Giberto Cedillo Castillo, was returned to jail after a probation search of his Vallejo residence Tuesday. According to the log,

an illegal knife, which constituted a deadly weapon, was located in his bedroom. He was arrested for Violation of probation and possession of a deadly weapon. He was booked into without incident.


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