Napa Cold Case Unit Shuts Down

With the end of its funding period, Napa County's dedicated team of cold case detectives has been disbanded. But the investigations continue into several unsolved homicides, according to an announcement from the sheriff's office.


The has closed down after a year and half, according to an announcement from Capt. Leroy Anderson of the Napa County Sheriff's Office: 

The Unit was in operation from October 2010 through July 1, 2012.  The Cold Case Unit was funded through grant money provided by the Federal government.  The unit is closing down due to the expiration of the funded grant period. 

Sheriff’s Detective Chris Carlisle wrote the grant application and managed grant operations for the unit. 

Detective Todd Shulman from the and Detective Pat McMahon from the  were assigned full time to the unit. 

Shulman and McMahon reviewed over (31) cold case homicides and (8) cold sexual assault cases.

The unit was very successful and successfully closed a number of cases. This was due to the dedication and efforts of the Detectives assigned to the unit, as well as support operations from Napa PD and Napa SO. 

A few of the cold cases being worked toward the end of the grant period are still open. Articles of evidence submitted to the DNA labs from these cases have results which are pending to determine whether viable evidence exists or not.

If successful evidence results are obtained from these pending DNA results, the cases will be sent to the respective Investigations Units with Napa PD and Napa SO to follow up on. 

Citizens who feel they have information that could be helpful should contact the Detective Sergeant at Napa SO or Napa PD.  For Napa City cases contact Napa PD Sgt. Chase Haag at 707-257-9376 or email chaag@cityofnapa.org.  

For Napa SO cases contact Sgt. Mike Collins at 707-299-1327 or email mike.collins@countyofnapa.org

If you are unsure which jurisdiction a case lies within, contact either agency contact and your information will be routed to the proper source. 

The Cold Case Tipline on the Napa Sheriff web page will remain active with information routed to the correct source.  Citizens can find on the webpage: www.countyofnapa.org/sheriff

Current Cold Case investigations that are in the process of being worked include the following three homicide cases.  Victims (American Canyon), (Napa) and (Napa). 

The Hoover and Maddux cases are Napa SO jurisdiction and the Arajo murder is Napa PD jurisdiction.

Source: Capt. Leroy Anderson, Napa County Sheriff's Office

For more about Napa County's unsolved deaths, disappearances and rapes, please see our Cold Cases topic page at napa.patch.com/topics/cold-cases.

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Marie Stapes January 10, 2013 at 09:02 PM
This is a BUMMER! Mr. Shulman was working on my mom's missing person case. I was hoping to hear results from a DHA test and I never heard anything. I do want to Thank Mr. Shulman for all his hard work on trying to locate my mother that has been missing for 12+ years. Hopefully one day I will have answers. :(
MICHAEL P WILSON "Independent Kid" January 11, 2013 at 12:44 AM
At the drop of a hat we waste money, on other crap. But we just can not find the funding the police need. So sad Mary Stapes has to live with this.


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