See the recent arrests from Napa Valley Crime Stoppers wanted list.

Here are some recent updates from our regular Fugitive Friday feature compiled by the Napa Valley Crime Stoppers:  

Robert Baxter was arrested on Jan. 3 by the Walnut Creek Police Department and is currently awaiting transportation back to NCDC.

Elijah Tomas Hueta was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and was awaiting transport on New Year's Day back to Napa County. 

Michael Lee Pauls was arrested in Clearlake, on Dec. 30. 

Jeremiah David Snyder was booked Dec. 30 at Napa County Department of Corrections.

Mario Farias Pineda Jr., was arrested Dec. 26 by Los Angeles Police Department. PIneda was originally posted in Napa Valley Crime Stoppers wanted list/Fugitive Friday on Sept. 26, 2013.



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