911 Hangups Pester St. Helena Police

Children playing with a disconnected cell phone prompted a call to the Napa County Sheriff's Office to visit the owner's home (see last item), and other log notes from the St. Helena Police Department on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012.

Monday, Oct. 29, 2012:

08:04 Unclassified Occurred at Browns Auto Parts on Main St. , St Helena. Garbage found inside dumpster, S4 97 retrieved unopen mail and prescription bottles. Disposition: Civil Problem.

09:22 Live Scan  Occurred at Saint Helena Police Department on Main St. , St Helena.Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:42 Cite Sign Off Occurred at Saint Helena Police Department on Main St. , St Helena. Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:38 Warrant Service Occurred on McCorkle Av, St Helena. Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:43 Medical Aid/EMS Call Out Occurred on Dowdell Ln. , St Helena. Via 911: Subject having a seizure, Fire and medical dispatched to assist. Service Class: PBXb. Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:29 Assist Other Agency Occurred at Silverado Trail/Taplin, Napaco. Per CALfire scanner, 1183 with reported injuries. Via w911: Second RP advised accident IFO Joseph Phelps, accident in the county. Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:56 Follow Up Occurred on Pope St, St Helena. Units neg contact. Subject 10-21 dispatch to follow up. Disposition: Checks Ok.

15:27 Wireless 911 Hang Up Call  Occurred on Meadowood Ln, Napaco. Via W911 code 11 received from a disconnected line. Childen playing could be heard. Neg info. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.525394 Lon:-122.45796 Service Class: W911. Disposition: Log Note Only.

15:43 Traffic Hazard  Occurred at Pope St/Allison Av, St Helena. Landscaper lost his trailer and blocked left hand lane. S4 checked the area veh GOA. Disposition: Checks Ok.

16:02 Unclassified Occurred at Saint Helena Police Department on Main St. , St Helena. ***Concerned parent calling to remind everyone that children are biking to school more regularly and would like remind those driving to be cautious of children of all ages going to and from school, functions and home. ***. . Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:09 Abandoned Vehicle  Occurred on Tainter St, St Helena. Walk in report of 1124 trailer that is loaded with garbage, has been parked for over a week in the same spot, RP requesting officers to mark for the 72hr log. 

17:10 T/C Non Injury  Occurred at Main St/Vidovich Av, St Helena. Multiple 911's, and business calls advising 1182 blocking the NB Lane, veh's able to move off the road 11-10 taken. Disposition: Report Taken.

17:12 Wireless 911 Hang Up Call  Occurred on Meadowood Ln, St Helen. Via W911: code 11 received, repeat call from previous, children playing on a disconnected cell phone. T-Mobile contacted and info was given as to who the cell phone was registered to. Returned to a subject in the county NSO en route to check the welfare. Disposition: Log Note Only.

Source: City of St. Helena Police Department.


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