7-Hour Standoff Ends with Arrest

Alice Avenue apartment complex was the scene of a domestic dispute.

A man suspected of beating his girlfriend was arrested after a seven-hour standoff in Mountain View this morning, police said.

At about 3:25 a.m., officers went to an apartment complex in the 800 block of Alice Avenue after receiving reports of a suicidal man armed with a shotgun, according to Mountain View police.

Richard Johnson, 50, had allegedly assaulted his girlfriend barricading himself inside his apartment, police said. The 47-year-old victim was able to get out of the apartment and call police.

Officers evacuated the surrounding area, and a SWAT team made contact with the suspect. At about 10:25 a.m., Johnson surrendered to police negotiators and was taken into custody for battering his girlfriend. The case remains under investigation.

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Steve November 29, 2012 at 06:46 AM
Yes, please get serious help, "Meeee". Your precious weekend isn't worth a life. I know the guy personally as a good friend, and he's not aggressive, nor abusive, nor suicidal. Nobody threatened to shoot anybody, including themselves. Nobody was battered nor beatened. They had an argument. He owns a shotgun, and keeps it in the closet for home protection, but never pulls it out. We don't even know if he even touched it during this incident. The officers were just informed that he owns one. As usual, the media has taken a little bit of info given by law enforcement and blown it way out of proportion to make it more sensational, and the gullible buy right into it. So sad.
Me November 30, 2012 at 12:52 AM
greeted me always happy and I think that it is not a bad person sometimes have bad days. I hope to resolve your problem because I really have children and were frightened much only hope that does not happen again.
Steve December 01, 2012 at 05:53 AM
I saw him today, out on the a streets again. It was as I assumed, completely blown out of whack. He says he never laid a hand on her (she says he slugged her, but has no injuries or marks of any kind to prove it. A punch from a big guy like him would leave SOME kind of mark, cut or bruise). Hitting any woman is just not in his nature. And the firearm he was supposedly weilding? He has a shotgun under his bed for home-security reasons, but says he never touched it during this fiasco, and had not done so for some time. Print tests proved he was truthful. The police just asked him on the phone if he had a gun in the house, and he replied "yes". The media (and a woman with a problerm history) twisted facts or lied outright, and screwed another good man's life up. That's all. Sleep well.
J9 December 09, 2012 at 10:11 AM
I hate to tell you this, Steve, but your buddy is a liar. She did (and still does) have marks and welts all over her face and neck. The police took pictures. As far as print tests go, that's ridiculous to say they tested it for prints and there were none so that means he hadn't touched the firearm it in a long time. Wouldn't you expect to find his prints on his gun? What it does indicate is that he wiped the gun down before the coward finally surrendered to the police. Are you aware that your "good natured" friend left the victim and her five year old daughter on the side of the road with her five year old daughter in Fresno w/ no money or phone last Thanksgiving? She had to spend the day at the police station trying to get a ride home because he never came back for them. Why are you so fast to blame the "victim"? There is nothing she could have done to deserve what she got that night. She is lucky she made it out alive. As far as lying or blowing it out of proportion, if you believe that your as big a fool as she has been for staying w/ him as long as she did. (continued)
J9 December 09, 2012 at 10:12 AM
Like most victims of ongoing domestic abuse she was KIND to him when questioned by the police. Even after he'd beat her up and tried to kill her she still didn't tell the authorities the extent of the abuse she has had to endure w/ this asshole. I've known her for twenty years. She told me a year ago that if anything ever happened to her he did it. I was scared for her then and I'm still scared. I am terrified for the safety of her and her daughter. The fact that he is saying he didn't hit her and that it's been "blown out of proportion" shows that he has no remorse or accountability for what he's done. I pray that he will finally leave her alone and or go to prison for a long time. Maybe then she will relax and be the strong independent woman she was before she met him. He screwed his life up on his own. It's hard to sleep well looking over your shoulder.


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