Where in the Napa Valley Should Flat Stanley Go?

Have you heard of "Flat Stanley"? Now Flat Donovan is visiting Napa all the way from Brooklyn. What should he do here that he can't do at home?

Like many of my Napa neighbors, I've had a lot of houseguests lately.

Four of them — two big and two small —arrived by plane and rental car the week before Thanksgiving.

A fifth visitor — this one flat — showed up in a brown envelope mailed from a public school in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y.

In a cover letter, 8-year-old Donovan Marotta explained that his third-grade class has been reading the book Flat Stanley, about a boy who gets flattened by a blackboard and has a series of adventures before he is restored to normal size.

A literacy project linked to the Flat Stanley books encourages the mail exchange of Flat alter egoes between children and classrooms around the country.

But lucky grown-ups also can take part, and that is how "Flat Donovan" came to Napa. 

As his hosts, we're supposed to give our flat visitor some experiences he couldn't have back in Brooklyn. So far, we've taken him to

  • Alston Park
  • Napa Bowling Center (okay, they have bowling in Brooklyn, but this is Napa Bowl!)
  • Napa Firefighters Museum
  • Firewood Café
  • Andie's Café
  • Yo Belle
  • Wildcat Vintage Clothing
  • The monument to the invention of the loudspeaker, on First Street

What other sights and activities in Napa should we make sure Flat Donovan doesn't miss before we mail him home this week? Tell us in the comments. We're especially interested in kids' suggestions.

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Lindi Bess November 27, 2012 at 06:38 PM
How about Veterans Park or even Hospital.
Louisa Hufstader November 29, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Love the new photos, Paul!


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