What Should Replace Former Thrift Store?

Last week, we asked for your ideas on what should replace the former Salvation Army thrift store at 1326 Main Street. Here's what you said, plus a fun poll to pick the best suggestion.


The former Salvation Army thrift store on Main Street stands vacant, with more than 14,000 square feet of space for rent. What businesses or organizations would you like to see move in?

What you said on Napa Patch:

Maybe a drug store? There is nothing like that downtown. 

I know it's too romantic for this economy but wouldn't a bookstore be great? 

Cannabis club. 

Apple store, Best Buy, or a Nordstrom's men's shop. 


A large video arcade, or a pinball museum.

A museum or maybe some type of recreational center. 

I like the idea of a museum in half the space and for the other half, satellite classes for Napa Valley College. If not an art gallery? 

Farmers Market? 

What you said on Facebook:

Starbucks! Jeff Flanders 

How about a "vintage"/"antique" co-op! Ok then, I'll settle for a ice skating/roller rink for families! How about another bowling ally - can't get into the one we have, always full up! Pat Mclaughlin 

Pat, we love the idea for a roller rink! NapaBike ()

should expand; they have plenty of inventory! Brenda Hensley 

99 cent store! Leslie Hyde ‎

As an architect I would love to see the front facade restored. The space presents itself well to be divided up into smaller retail spaces - each bay could be a space with a common loading dock in the rear. The spaces I think should be retail to create a northern border or edge to Main St. I think the retail will give a good blend to the restaurants and tasting rooms in the vicinity. Paul Kelley 

Michael's Craft Store! Terry Rond Kent 

Ice Skating Rink. Probably too small though. Terry Rond Kent 

Laser tag! 

The Salvation Army! Becky Tyner 

Just for fun, pick your favorite from our poll—and feel free to add more suggestions in the comments section below.

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Logans Runner February 29, 2012 at 07:53 PM
It would be great for Napa to have a Salvation Army Thrift store again. Their thrift stores supports adult rehabilation which is greatly needed, even more than their good merchandise.
Louisa Hufstader February 29, 2012 at 08:38 PM
According to this report, the Salvation Army closed the store more than three years ago because it wasn't "bringing in enough money" to cover the rent: http://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/article_6037aab5-3b92-5502-b086-f8ccc0129580.html
Catherine George March 01, 2012 at 10:15 PM
To expand upon the "Artisan's Bazarr" idea... I truly wish we could have a great food co-op here in Napa, but don't know if that idea would fly here. And financially I don't know if a food co-op could be profitable enough to survive. So instead, just open up the idea of the artisans to include food; it could be anything from those who make goat cheese and special mustards to honey and everything else; fruit preserves, you name it. And include the artisans who make crafts and visual art and garden art and all the rest. But keep it focused on quality, hand made, and local. I would love that! Not only would I love to have a booth but I would also shop there more than anywhere! It would really do well during the holidays too. When I lived back east, every xmas I would go into the city (NYC) to do my holiday shopping at a crafts fair / bazarr held at - I think it was at the School of Visual Arts, if I recall correctly. I would even see my neighbors from the burbs shopping there. It was "the place" to go, to find the most beautiful hand made things. The prices weren't cheap but they were fair for what you were buying. Would absolutely love to have something like that here in Napa.
Louisa Hufstader March 07, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Catherine, love the idea and you have an ally over on our Facebook page, Tracy Heiser, who wants to start a year-round farmers market. It only takes one, two or three people to start something like this rolling; please keep me in the loop!
Brittany February 24, 2013 at 09:24 PM
I'd love to see small local business in there!! This is part of the charm of downtown Napa: small businesses owned by friendly locals with unique merchandise! Do we really want to see our town overrun with corporate retail? As a 22 year old with dreams of owning my own shop downtown, I'm getting more and more nervous that Napa just won't be an option and it really breaks my heart! A roller rink would be amazing! Not only would there be public skating but we could bring in a derby team? I know plenty of local girls 21+ who would be stoked to have a derby team (myself included). If it were an ice rink we could have figure skating classes or hockey. Thats 4 more possible activities for locals that we don't have and jobs that can be filled by hardworking Napans! An arcade would also be very fun. We need to consider the youth, and while I sound like a broken record, it doesn't seem like much effort is going into filling that gap. How many times do you see a crowd of teenage kids loitering downtown? I see it daily. I think the old Salvation Army building would be a great location to devote to local teens, especially for weekends, w/an arcade, pizza and even a spot for little garage bands to perform? I work for two local businesses to provide for my bread and butter and as you all probably realize, tourism does not completely support our economy. It's the folks who are here 365 days of the year who matter most and it feels like this town is forgetting that.


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