Fagiani Building Tenant Hiring Chefs

The hospitality group that signed a lease on the long-vacant Main Street landmark last year is hiring chefs in New York for a new Napa restaurant coming this summer. What kind of establishment would you like it to be? Tell us, and we'll tell them.

We haven't heard much about plans for the former lately, but that's about to change: AvroKO Hospitality Group, which  last September to develop a restaurant at the long-vacant 813 Main Street property, is hiring kitchen staff in New York City.

An ad posted March 23 on Craiglist reads, in part,

James Beard award winning hospitality group AvroKO and Michelin star chef Brad Farmerie are bringing their craft from New York City to wine country. We are currently looking for high level and experienced Chef de Cuisines to work with us in NYC and get familiar with our operations, and then relocate with our opening team.

The ad doesn't say what kind of restaurant AvroKO and Farmerie have in mind, or where it's located.

But assuming it is indeed coming to Hasty's 1908 building, which has been closed for business since a that went , let's offer the new operator some suggestions.

According to an article in the last September, Hasty has about 4,600 square feet for AvroKO's eatery. An article in today's Register details the current state of the renovation.

How should they use the space? What would you like to see in the old Fagiani's Bar building? 

Louisa Hufstader March 28, 2012 at 02:54 PM
We're in a Cuban mood on Napa Patch this week, it seems. Miki, are you and Lance coming to hear Sierra Maestra at the Opera House on Sunday? If you love Cuban and world music, you shouldn't miss this show.
Gary Thompson March 28, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I think downtown needs to have more affordable restaurants! Not another gourmet James Beard, Michelin rated cash cow that only resonates with tourists. Granted, I LOVE having more tourists in town to help stimulate our economy, but it just seems like downtown forgets about the locals (although we just got 2 new fairly priced eateries on Main!). Let's have it be something like Korean Barbecue! I was just in Seoul and think a Korean BBQ place would ROCK downtown!
Tom Ontis March 28, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Whatever goes in at the 'bar', I guarantee Muriel will be up in heaven saying, "Well shouldn't you do it that way instead?" She was like that. I speak from experience, as Muriel was my mother's, Madeline Ontis' oldest and best friend. They grew up in the St. John's neighborhood together. They had a unstated love for one another. (Don't anyone dare read anything into that.) Muriel was devestated when my mother passed away. She was like the 3rd person I called.
Carol A. Mitchell March 28, 2012 at 11:22 PM
My husband, Michael, and I love the Po restaurant in NYC. (East Village) Replicate their menu. Wonderful Italian cuisine!
tom merle April 03, 2012 at 06:55 AM
When Steve Hasty was seeking approval for his modifications during the PC hearings, he stated emphatically that he intended to remake the New Fagiani's in the spirit of the Old Fagiani's, i.e., for local folks like himself, Steve the contractor, a place that Muriel would approve of. But Mr Hasty's last name is fitting. Now it's slated to be another high profile eatery for out of towners by out of towners which is OK by me. All their restaurants in NYC look inviting, both the menus and the spaces, and all are packed. They could have called it Muriel's Place like their Madam Geneva, though it appears the AKRO group is keeping the old name ~Fagiani's~. So maybe Italian like Po. But The days of the Downtown Joe's are over.


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