What's Next for KVON, KVYN in Napa?

Should radio stations KVON-KVYN move downtown? Change the music? Bring on more conservative talk hosts? Rehire Barry Martin? What changes would you like to see on the air in 2013? Tell us in the comments.

Note: Louisa Hufstader was news director at KVON-KVYN from 2003 to 2006.

This valley is buzzing with the news that longtime KVON radio personality Jeff Schechtman is stepping down from his job as general manager after 10 years at the helm of the AM-FM stations located at "Broadcast Park" in south Napa.

On our Facebook page, I asked readers what changes they'd like to see a new manager make at KVON and KVYN. Here are some of the responses so far:

First and foremost? Play better music. - Robby Rupple 

MORE music variety. And Bob! He's great! - Leslie Hyde 

They need to bring back Barry Martin. Schechtman has turned KVON into such a libfest that I had to switch (to) KGO when that happened. Now that KGO has left any semblance of middle radio and got rid of all their personalities, I listen to 910am for my talk radio. Barry Martin did a great job with KVON and got me hooked on talk radio in the early '90's with his "Doubletalk" show. KVON should dump Schechtman altogether and if not Martin, bring in someone who is in the reasonable middle. - Art Morris

If the station wants "to review its position in the Napa marketplace", selling the station is a good start. Another good start, make Kellie Fuller the new general manager, her show alone no doubt brought in more money than anyone that station has employed in a long time! Also, bring back "The Two Fat Guys" show! - Daryll Borges 

If I were in charge, I'd move the stations downtown, goose the FM playlist to keep it upbeat/relevant, let more community members have time on the AM side and be more part of community events. I'd bring Barry Martin back too. - former KVYN music director Jamie Brown Miller 

Better music and local news! - Rebecca Miller-Johnson 

Do any of these suggestions appeal to you? What changes would you like to see at KVON-KVYN? We want to know what you think, so go ahead and tell us in the comments.

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Robert Peebles, Jr. December 06, 2012 at 05:53 AM
I think K.V.Y.N should go back to what it was playing when it first started and that is country music. Because the bay area does not have a country music station.
Tom Ontis December 06, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Living in an area where there are NO broadcast outlets, I would suggest they focus on local news. With at least one billion stations, (well that might be a little high) just 50 miles away in SF/Oakland, does the station eally need to repeat what can be heard on the biggies in rest of the Bay Area. As I grew in Napa, we avoided KVON (No VINE at the time,) cause it was an 'old fogey' station. Me thinx they were country for a while, they were light contemp for a while, brought in syndicated national talk for a while, ad nauseum.


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