What Napa Dads Say About Father's Day Gifts

On our first Father's Day at Napa Patch, we asked some prominent Napa men for their favorite Father's Day gift or memory. What's yours?


Last Father's Day will be hard to top for : In 2011, his daughter Rachel graduated cum laude with a degree in global studies from UCLA, which Lieberstein said was "the best gift a father could receive from his daughter." 

But Lieberstein's mother made sure 2012 would be special as well by nominating her son for the annual from . While Lieberstein did not win this year, he was recognized at the awards luncheon and afterward called his mother's nomination "a nice Father's Day present."

Family also topped the gift lists of other Napa dads we spoke with for our first Father's Day article:

“I have five kids and there is not one specific gift or memory I have. Just that I have them all with me on Father’s Day for a barbecue and to break bread makes me happy. They are all older and have moved away. The older they get, I enjoy them that much more. They are all a blessing." — 

“My children are adults, very busy and no longer live in Napa. The best Father’s Day gift I can hope for from them is their time. I absolutely love to have them around and appreciate every minute I have with them." — 

“I think one of the greatest gifts I received was a photo collage of my two children, who are now 19 and 23 years. It sits next to my bed at work. I told them I wanted a picture of each of them and they selected the photos.” — 

“Probably the one thing I enjoy is spending the day with my two boys. We might go to the beach or go to San Francisco. My boys are 14 and 21.” —

With younger kids who are still at home, Napa chef Greg Cole of  and  was happy to tell us about a favorite Father's Day gift:

“I think one of the greatest gifts I got was a PAL Radio. It’s a solar rechargeable radio. Everyone calls it my ‘old man radio.’ I take to the garden or wherever I am outdoors. It is something I did not think I needed. It’s a bright yellow radio. It was designed by Henry Kloss,” Cole said.

Father's Day is June 17, 2012. 

Portions of this article originally appeared on Napa Patch in June, 2011.

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