What Do You Want to See at Bel Aire Plaza?

Once a wallflower among Napa's shopping centers, this enduring northside plaza is overcoming its traffic and parking woes to become a destination for shoppers. What stores would you like to see at Bel Aire? Tell us in the comments.

Caffino is gone, its kiosk fated for the scrap heap of Bel Aire Plaza history along with the old bowling lanes and nightclubs that long ago drew working-class Napans to the city's north end for recreation.

The former Hallmark and Pure Beauty stores are also long vacant.

But other Bel Aire businesses are thriving, with new tenants confirmed and others close to making a decision, according to property manager Craig Semmelmeyer of Main Street Properties in Lafayette.

Pier One and Chico's are both signed up to open in the new year, and Semmelmeyer told Napa Valley Patch reporter Marsha Dorgan he'd like to see a kitchen store join the Bel Aire line-up, a hope reflected in the artist's rendering Main Street Properties shared with us.

Updated Monday morning: We posted this drawing on Facebook Sunday night and got more than 40 "likes" and 30+ comments. Here's what people are saying in our response to the question, "Would you like to see a Sur La Table at Bel Aire Plaza?"

  • Leisa Jones That over Pier 1 would be fairly awesome!
  • Mary Ellen Murphy that would be pretty cool!
  • Matthew Young No, I'd prefer another Starbucks.
  • Laura Rawlins Ceja YESSSSSSSSSSSS!
  • Neil Gehrke I'll second Starbucks. We need good coffee in this town.
  • Sherry Vattuone Oh yes yes
  • Candy Ferrando Cocilova Rather have a Crate and Barrel OR Michaels
  • T Beller how about all of the above?
  • Karen Hutchison Calhoun Well, duh!
  • John Bonick I'd rather see Noah's Bagels.
  • Ann Trinca No more expensive kitchen shops needed thanks
  • Lewis deSoto Apple Store, please.
  • Lorna McLearie Yes, or the Gardener in Berkeley would be great and interesting.
  • John Bonick Yes, Lewis. Apple store. Right next to Noah's Bagels. By the way, there are eight Starbucks in Napa already.
  • Katie Chauncy I agree, a Crate & Barrel would be awesome!
  • Karen Schuppert Thumbs down on Starbucks. Peet's is great coffee.
  • Patti McGreal Renspurger I am all for a decent craft/ fabric store like Beverly's or Michael's, maybe put Joanne's fabrics back in there.
  • Cathy Gumina Odom Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! I love that store!!!
  • Jennifer Vallerga I can honestly say that I wouldn't shop at Sur La Table. Im particular and loyal to Mr Shackford and his excellent customer service and products. No, no food there, but that in itself wouldn't be enough to sway me. I would rather see a craft store go in, that way we don't have to drive to Fairfield or Vallejo when we need something other than fabric.
  • Leslie Doumani no leave it to Shackfords!! shop local
  • Carol Yates I like the outdoor store idea or a Michael's. No more Starbucks!
  • Brenda Hensley something non-corporate/big business would be nice.
  • Melissa Foskett Goleno What the heck is that? Never heard of it.
  • Crystal da Silva Michael's craft please. You took our poor Joann's away long ago.
  • Lorna McLearie I think since the cows have left the barn long ago and we have all the coffee, grocery stores, Target etc. one really interesting store like "The Gardener" would be so great. They would need to do something like Berkeley. I think Crate and Barrel would be fine or Anthropology too. About non-corporate I understand, but look all around it is nothing but corporate. St Helena Main was able to keep corporate out with planning commission etc, but always has been a different area. Some businesses have survived doing well and some shops and restaurants have struggled. I think Sur La Table would compliment what exists already. Their price points are reasonable and they do smart buying.
  • Sierra Minchaca Maybe both stores should be a Starbucks each.
  • Sarah Rennison at this point the traffic is horrible in that shopping center, I grew up down the street, I remember when there was Bel Aire Bowl, Joanns, Papa Murphys, Zapatas, JC Penney. I remember Wards to. The shopping center has changed so much, and it is awesome that it is thriving, but it would nice to have something more community based.

What visions do you have for Bel Aire's vacancies? Tell us in the comments what stores, restaurants and services you'd like to see in the city's northern shopping plaza.

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Lorie October 22, 2012 at 07:15 PM
I want to see people putting their shopping carts back instead od dumping them everywhere...that's what I want to see! I want an Apple Store...in Downtown, not in Bel Aire Plaza though. A Michael's would be good :)
vocal-de-local October 22, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Cowgirl Creamery - Bel aire would be a good location for them. I've already contacted Cowgirl Creamery about locating in Napa. Pottery Barn - However I don't think there's enough space at Bel aire for a Pottery Barn at this point.
Beth Wagner October 25, 2012 at 05:48 PM
We could really use a drive thru coffee in north Napa in a convenient location so as not to cause traffic issues. It isn't always convenient to park you car and stand in line inside of Peets. We have Strarbucks in 3 locations on this side of town and none of them have a drive thru!
Mscapetown October 26, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Would love a TJMAX homegood store, Marshals or even a Bed Bath and Beyond. That would be fantastic!
Seana December 08, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Bel Air Plaza is an absolute parking nightmare, but Napa REALLY needs a crafts store. There isn't ONE single one here and I think that's a detriment. I have to drive to either Vallejo or Fairfield just to find glitter. Ridiculous. I'd love to see a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby somewhere in Napa.


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