Starbucks' New $7 Cup of Coffee: Video Taste Test with Jimmy Kimmel

Have you heard about the latest from Starbucks? It costs $7 a cup and is said to give drinkers a "tingly, light" feeling, according to a report in the LA Times. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel runs a comparison and gets some entertaining results.

Starbucks has rolled out a high-falutin' $7 cup of java in the Pacific Northwest. Made from rare Geisha beans, the Finca Palmilera brew is said to leave a "tingly, light" feeling, according to a report in the LA Times.

Half-pound bags of a similar high-end Costa Rican bean sold out at Starbucks within 24 hours, the paper says.

Is it worth all the fuss? Comedian Jimmy Kimmel ran a taste test (see video above) and the results were entertaining.

Would you pay $7 for a really great cup of joe? Tell us in the comments below. 

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