Republicans Back Dodd, Luce

Endorsements for county supervisors from the Napa County Republican Central Committee.

The Napa County Republican Central Committee has unanimously endorsed the following local candidates:

Mark Luce Napa County Supervisor 2nd District and
Bill Dodd Napa County Supervisor 4th District.

"While Mark is not a registered Republican, we support his disciplined approach to governance and his re-ellection to this non-partisan office", explained Republican Central Committee Chairman Kevin Hangman.

"Under Bill and Mark's leadership, Napa County has lived within its means producing a balanced budget with stable reserves during this economic downturn. Both Bill and Mark have the ability to listen, build consensus and find innovative solutions to Napa's challenges that can be supported by everyone," said Chairman Hangman.

Further endorsements were also made for the following state and federal candidates:

John Munn 4th Assembly District and
Randy Loftin 5th Congressional District

"Both Randy and John believe in smaller government and lower taxes. Randy's extensive business experience and John's community involvement coupled with his experience as a soil and watershed scientist and engineer will bring new ideas and solutions to the challenges that face our country and our state. We believe all our candidates are passionate and motivated about serving our County, our State and our Country. We look forward to helping them achieve their goals," said Hangman.

Submitted by Glenn Ellen Smith for the Napa County Republican Central Committee.


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