Recent NHS math teacher sentencing

 In neither case do the label "pedophile" or "predator" apply. Remember, false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. The law around these "labels" need to be re-defined to reflect the TRUE offenders (ie: Ariel Castro) instead of categorizing them under one umbrella. For example: (stereotypical label) "all Muslims must be terrorists" is a fine example.
I wonder how many other teenage girls r out there seeking out older "men" (teacher or not). Sounds like the preditorial prize should go to the teen NOT the adult in both these recent cases. However, one would not know having only been exposed to one side of the story.
It's interesting that "coincidently" the same prosecutor and judge are involved in the first case (June?). The request and verbiage of the parents also sounds "identical" to the first case.
Thought to ponder: Could the same young woman be involved?...just a hunch. *Contrary to popular belief, teens are very capable of judging right from wrong & do know better. Look it up in any medical journal. They may be impulsive, but impulsivity is not an excuse~as millions of adults have impulsive traits as well. I believe parents & society need to hold teens accountable and allow them to experience the consequences & learn personal responsibility of their choices & actions. . When parents rescue or bail out their children from negative consequences, they are not helping their children in the long run. If parents bail out their children whenever they get into trouble, teens learn that their behavior is someone else's responsibility. They may continue to make poor choices and behave irresponsibly, believing their parents will continue to rescue them.
Shame on these parents for not monitoring their teens electronic/social media, etc. you dont have to micromanage, however a truly involved, concerned parent knows the 5 W's: who, what, when, where, why. You dont find an excuse- you find a way. Kids may not like it but It is essential in this day & age. Parents are responsible for their children till the age of 18.

Lastly, it appears there's a "double standard" here. How does the same
Judge justify deeming Mr B (38 years old) not to be a predator, not having to register as an offender, as stated: " it would do no good".BUT can deem the other recent case (24 years old) just the opposite.
I agree Mr.B should have consequences for his actions as he worked at the school she attends and knew her and her age. HUGE, HUGE difference in the 2 cases.


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