Plastic Bag Ban

Look past the Californians against Waste argument that the council is using, to the sources they supply.  Many of the sites actually say the plastic bag is better than the reusuable bag when it comes to the environment.  You will find that the facts have been cherry picked. 
The ordinance does not put a ceiling on what retailers can charge for paper.  They can charge 50 dollars a bag, all in the name of saving the planet. 
There is a study done by H Sterling Burnett, PH.D, one of the country's leading authorities on energy and environmental issues. He studied cities who currently have the ban to see if cities saved money on litter removal.  I can sum it up in one word.  NO.
Based on my research I have learned that this will not save the environment, will not save the sea.  It can actually increase plastic bag usage by 400 percent. The only diffrence is the consumer will now take on the burden of purchasing them. This is also based on a study that the above cited.  
I found that this ordinance is only to increase the bottom line for corporate retailers.  They are already having us check our groceries out, now they will have us buy our own bags.  Caching! That is the true force behind this. 
Recycling is the key.   
Kim June 04, 2014 at 11:40 AM
Wrong! Old habits die hard, but people will start reusing bags once this law passes and they have to pay for bags. It IS an environmental issue. Who do YOU work for? Do you stand to loose income because of this? It's not about saving money on garbage collection. It's about sea life with bellies full of plastic bags discarded carelessly. It's about animals with plastic bags wrapped around their bodies and necks. It is not necessary! I use reusable bags every day. Those bags are not going into a landfall or the environment. They go back into my car and I use them again and again. Any single step we make may not save the environment, but it will certainly be a step in the right direction. One step at a time and we will get where we are going.
Ana Gong June 05, 2014 at 11:57 PM
Your heart is in the right place but your feet are pointed in the wrong direction. Plastic bag bans don't work. Read the studies. This won't save birds, trees, plants, money or the earth. A sixteen year old boy Daniel Burd isolated a microbe that can get rid of a plastic bag in 3months. Carbon dioxide is the only waste. Your reusable bag must be used 131 times to equal the foot print of a plastic bag. I have had some that don't even survive a couple of washes. That bag will take up space in the landfill. The plastic can go back to a plastic bag or decking or playground equipment. Studies show that sales of pre packaged plastic goes up in cities with the ban. Studies show that cities that have a curbside recycling are more successful than cities with bans. They also make it easy to recycle plastic film, dry cleaning plastic and more. Look up San Juan de Capistrano. All my facts are backed up with links. Take a deep breath, look with new eyes and you will be surprised how much you know to be fact is questionable. Please search as I have.
Kim June 06, 2014 at 09:45 AM
I don't know where ou get your bags from, but I have bags I've used for years and years. When did WF in Napa open? Go back before that. Not one of my bags has landed in a land fill. For that matter, any thing you reuse and any way you avoid sending items to the land fill is a positive. I don't know where you gat your info, but you are misguided and part of the problem if you think continuing to use something that is discarded is better than my reusable items that are made from recycled materials themselves.
Ana Gong June 06, 2014 at 01:35 PM
I've been a bagger and checker back in the days where there was only paper and up to when you were paid to use the reusuable bags. I also do the shopping for the family. Do you ever wash your bags? Mine never make it past a few washings. To equal one plastic it has to be washed 131 times. 262 times to equal one plastic bag used twice. At the store we would get some that were really gross too. People usually keep them on the bottom of the basket and pile all their stuff on top. Then get mad because we bagged their items, because we didn't interrupt their phone call, or when we ask, we have to wait for them to get them from the car. Making the people behind them glare at us. As for the ordinance I know the real people behind it are the corporate retailers that already have you checking your own groceries. Now they will have you paying for your own bag, and don't care about the trees. My sources are the very sources that you use for your information. You have to dig for the real truth and use their sources. FYI it doesn't take thousands of years for a plastic to dissolve. The ordinance does not prevent the consumer from buying his own bags. This is where your logic is faulty. Those plastic bags can be bought for under 2 cents a bag, put in a tiny container and take up a small amount of room in your purse. More convenient , more sanitary and easier than carrying 10 reusable. FYI only 11 percent is actually discarded after one use. They are are used for litter, trash bags, etc. I can list 60 ways. Soooo, plastic bags are bought to replace the one that were once given out. How does that reduce? So your bags will never go to a landfill? Plastic can go back to being a plastic bag. Closed loop. Something your bag can't claim.


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