Napa Patch Endorses ...

Does Napa Patch make election endorsements? Yes and no.

Tuesday is election day, when many Napa voters face ballot choices from the hyper-local — — to the national presidential primary race.

And traditionally, election season is when news organizations usually give out their endorsements to the candidates they feel best represent the people. 

But Napa Patch has a different kind of endorsement in mind: not for any candidate, or ballot measure, but for the belief that voters should make their own decisions — based on researched facts — about the people who want to be our elected leaders and the binding proposals on the ballot. 

Napa Patch urges its readers to look beyond party lines and properly research all of the candidates who are running in the various races, as well as the issues involved in the statewide ballot measures.

Think about the issues that matter most, not just to yourself, but to your family, neighbors and fellow Napa residents. 

Look past any political biases that you might have; look beyond party loyalty and solely focus on things that should matter: the person’s background, experience and how he or she voted or stands on an issue. 

With the economy in such a downward spiral and so much at stake, we owe it not just to ourselves today but to the future generations that the right choices are made now. 

Remember, an informed and unbiased voter holds far more power than the voter who wears politically rose-tinted glasses.

For a round-up of information about the June 5, 2012 primary election, the League of Women Voters California Education Fund maintains a Voter education site at http://www.smartvoter.org/ca/state/.

To read more election news on Napa Patch, please see our Elections topic page at http://napa.patch.com/elections-2.


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