Napa Letter: Cell Phones and Car Insurance

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Thank you. Fiscal cliffs, high unemployment, on and on, and on.

Thank goodness for cellphones and car insurance, because if you go by the volume of media ads, those two business sectors are keeping a lot of people afloat. 

At what price? The ubiquitous mobile phone sales and service show no sign of abating, indeed they are burgeoning. 

I proposed several years ago that we will soon be in need of a Cell Phone Anonymous entity to help folks who can't help themselves. Proper cell phone etiquette is sorely lacking in many arenas, and with so many devices out there, I am wondering why Yeti, UFO, and alien raw footage has not been attained, or has it?                                                 

Government Employee Insurance Company has some of the most annoying and entertaining commercials out there. The one with the witch, or Gallagher: Priceless. If there is anyone in the world who does not know about the GEICO gecko, or Flo from Progressive, he or she probably resides in that cave condo that Ben Laden vacated some time before his demise.        

Ain't life grand?           

Jarvis William Peay   

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