Letter: Napa County Green Party Supports Measure U

The following letter was sent to Napa Patch by Alex Shantz, co-coordinator of the Napa County Green Party. We welcome letters at napa@patch.com. Most are published within 12-24 hours.

Land use designation should serve the good of the whole community, not a single developer. This is why the Napa County Green Party supports Measure U.

Measure U will protect agricultural and open spaces on Howell Mountain from inappropriate urban development. It will do this by re-designating land use on Howell Mountain from “urban residential” to “ Agriculture, Watershed and Open Space”. This will align those properties with land uses in the rest of Angwin. It will also preserve the rural character and culture of Angwin which is threatened by the Pacific Union College’s intentions to sell and urbanize the land.

The Angwin community has robustly demonstrated support for preserving its agricultural and open spaces and opposition to urban development. The people within the county and the Angwin community itself should determine the use of this land, not a private institution.

Napa County enjoys beautiful agricultural and open spaces. This is only because concerned citizens have participated in grassroots democracy by organizing, lobbying elected officials, and initiating county measures to protect these lands. Measure U continues this historic struggle to protect Napa County lands from urban development.

Editor's note: For more about Measure U, please see Michael Haley's analysis "Is Measure U Legally Flawed?" in our Local Voices section.

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vocal-de-local September 20, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Vote YES on Measure U! Pacific Union College hijacked land use regulations that were intended for institutional growth (expansion of college and housing for staff). Many years ago. like in the 1980s or so, a casual circle was drawn around Angwin which had some vague implications for land use. The reason this was done was to broaden the ability of the college to expand it's facility. Instead, PUC and developers who have been swarming around like vultures, have been trying to find loopholes to urbanize Angwin. Call it what you want, but already, the approved 196 homes would increase the population up here by 25%. Imagine this increase happening where you live. That process is already set in stone and Measure U does not prevent those 196 homes from being built. What it does is prevents the 'sprawl' of those homes which would urbanize land that has been used for agricultural purposes since the infancy of the Angwin College.
mcGyver October 11, 2012 at 08:47 PM
As I've commented elsewhere regarding this issue, In my opinion it's high time for Angwin to expand beyond its current state of affairs... Allowing development will bring the people, shops, and financial influx our community so desperately needs. No, I'm not talking about building a city here, merely expanding the infrastructure to support some basic functions that most people take for granted. Imagine a police station, a store where you could buy a piece of fish or meat, going to a movie, walking to school on a sidewalk etc! It's not just us folks, the adjoining valley east of us will become our patrons and contribute to the formation of a robust town and economy. Take a moment to watch the cars that drive off our hill every day sometime. What you'll notice is affluent folks that are spending their money elsewhere rather than putting it into the Angwin economy, and the reason? There's simply nowhere to spend that money on purchasing the things you need on a day-to-day basis. We've had 50 years of the same and now it's time to let others have their say in building what could be a showcase community in an idyllic setting.
vocal-de-local October 12, 2012 at 04:47 AM
First of all McGyver, a grocery store already exists in Angwin. If they wanted to sell meat or whatever else, they could do it right now. It doesn't take a huge development process to accomplish that goal. Additionally, we have sidewalks alongside the road next to the college and in front of the store. Have you actually been here before??? As an FYI, when Triad proposed an Angwin development a few years back, the store square footage was cut down, probably by at least 50%. They wanted to free space up for housing. Movie theatre? Hello but our population up here is probably 1500 people (non student). What's the population of Calistoga and Yountville? Ugh, do they have movie threatres. But thank you oh so much for pointing out what developers probably would like to do up here, minus all the conveniences you're talking about. That's not going to happen. Even with the proposed housing, the population is too low to make a profit off of movie theatres in Angwin. Developers want to build houses because that's where the profit is at. They will most likely reduce the existing square footage of the grocery store. Sorry, but you are still going to have to drive from Pope Valley to Napa for conveniences, with or without Angwin housing development. If you want convenience, move to an urban area. Don't move to a rural area and then expect it to become urban for your sake. Vote YES on Measure U!


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