"Kellie in the Morning" Fuller Leaves Napa Radio for Singing Career

After almost six years behind the microphone at KVYN (99.3 the Vine) and KVON, popular morning host Kellie Fuller is hanging up her headphones to concentrate on singing jazz and other great American music. Live blog and wrap-up.

Friday was Kellie Fuller's last shift as morning host on  and  in Napa. Please scroll to the bottom of this article and read upward for a live blog of her farewell show.

More than five years after she first sat behind a mic at the "Broadcast Park" studios on Foster Road, Fuller is hanging up her headphones for good at 10 a.m. to focus on her emerging career as a jazz singer.

She is turning her "Kellie in the Morning" show over to longtime sidekick Bob St. Laurent, who starts Sept. 4.

Trained in classical, opera and musical theater singing, Fuller is also the vocalist in the popular dance band , which recently sold out  for a .

But singing jazz is what she most wants to do, and she'll be doing it on Labor Day, performing with Mike Greensill on piano at the Sausalito Art Festival Artist Stage Monday.

Next Saturday, Sept. 8, we can hear Fuller with the Langniappe Trio at  here in Napa, according to her website kelliefuller.com.

As for this Friday, Fuller says she has prepared some radio tributes for her final program, so let's listen in together to what promises to be a special show.

You can listen live on the radio or online at kvon.com and I'll be live-blogging the show in this space starting at 6:30 a.m.

Join me in the comments section! Let's give Kellie a warm Napa send-off and wish her the best in her singing career.

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Goodbye, Kellie, and best of luck!

8:56 a.m.: The Jacksons: "Shake Your Body(Down to the Ground)."

Funny reel of Bob and Kellie! Glad to know he's continuing the show ... we'll learn next week who will be HIS sidekick.

"I knew I was getting a great sidekick but I didn't know I was getting such a good friend," Kellie says: Bob is now one of her best friends.

8:49: She's back with "one more suprise:" A tribute to Bob St. Laurent, her sidekick for the past four years and her successor on the morning show starting next Tuesday.

8:46 "Fire" by Ohio Players as we head toward the end of Kellie's farewell show.

Lots of singing gigs coming up, Kellie says. (Fans will be able to se and hear her at the same time!)

Kellie says she grew up listening to Ira and it was a "real thrill" to work with him.

8:43 Mayor thanks Kellie for her years of "having us see the day as something wonderful in front of us, and wondering what the debris in the road is ... "

8:41 Ira is wrapping up the sports.

Larry Albetti is filling us in on the Louis Vermeil Classic motor racing in Calistoga this weekend.

"That's my first and last sports announcing," says the Mayor, but I thought she was great.

Jill Techel is doing the sports news! The Mayor is disappointed our Raiders didn't win, since they practice here.

Mayor Jill Techel presenting Kellie with a "key to the city" pin! "You have been wonderful to wake up to for all these years."

8:35 a.m. Ira C. Smith is now in the studio and so is Napa Mayor Jill Techel.

8:34 Kellie's back with weather and traffic: Signals down at Oakville Cross Road and hwy 29. 

8:32 More news: syndicated random headlines from other parts of the state/country and a snippet about the RNC.

Vince Hangman writes in the comments that he's going to miss Kellie's voice in the morning. If you agree, let us know!

8:29 segue: More funk with "Fantastic Voyage" by Lakeside. This one's new to me.

8:25: "She's a Bad Mama Jama" indeed, Carl Carlton.

8:18: Highlights include Glenn Close on mental illness, CASA advocating for kids, Alyssa DiBenedetti and other volunteers. Very compelling.

Medley begins wih a song by Kellie and Johnny Smith called "The Power of One."

Suicide, schizophrenia, autism and other controversial topics have been part of her show.

"I feel so blessd to be able to provide a microphone" for the good things, she continues, thanking station management for letting her "push the envelope."

"I am so proud" of this community, Kellie says, talking about the many volunteers she's interviewed.

8:15 Kellie's back, recalling the countless guests she's hosted over the years. Another special presentation of highlights is coming and she admits "it was impossible" to include everyone she wanted.

8:10 a.m. is a perfect time for some Aretha. "A Rose is Still a Rose."

8:07 a.m. - Gap Band again as the party continues with "Early in the Morning." Kellie promising more surprises before the show is over!

8:03 Kellie's back with the studio gang, weather (70s today 80s tomorrow) and traffic (solo crash 121 at Cuttings Wharf.)

8:01 a.m. While KVON runs national/state headlines, .

7:58 a.m.: "Dance to the Music" with the North Bay's own Sly and the Family Stone.

7:55 a.m. Solo vehicle crash on 121 at Cuttings Wharf, Kellie reports via CHP.

"She doesn't speak but boy, can she turn colors." Bob describing intern Jessica.

7:54 I am so glad my boyfriend went out for coffee because I am dancing around the kitchen ... Aaaand they're back.

Bob and Kellie, thanks for the Patch pitch! I am glad you like my live-blog effort.

Your listeners might find us more easily at


7:51 a.m. That was hilarious. And now we have Grace Jones' "Pull Up to the Bumper." Takes me back.

"Do you have anything frozen in your freezer that you would be embarrassed for people to see" is a great question, Bob.

7:47: "None of these montages was easy," Kellie says. (I can appreciate that! Editing takes time!) Time now for her tribute to BOB ST. LAURENT.

(Kellie and I just missed each other at Broadcast Park. I left as news director in early 2006 and she started as voice talent later the same year.)

Great that her kids and husband can be there too! Next tune: "On the Radio," by (my late fellow Boston-area denizen) Donna Summer.

7:42 Kellie's welcoming family and more friends. "I have the most beautiful friends and family in the whole world."

Segue: S.O.S. Band returns. (Great time to check out the latest , just published on Napa Patch.)

The funk is back with more Gap Band. "Burn Rubber!"

7:35: Bob says Kellie is trying to hug Jeff. Wish I could see that.

Kellie now presents a recorded tribute to Jeff!

Jeff Schechtman is back, "affectionately called our Dark Cloud," Kellie says.

Brief discussion of placentas and then ... 

7:31 They're back! 

7:28: There is definitely a party going on in that studio. Here comes Bob's surf report.

7:25 a.m. "There are stars and flowers all over the place and there's bling ... I have a crown on my head ... there's a piano in here ... " and Kellie goes to the news.

7:21 The "Party Train" continues with the Gap Band. 

7:19 "I Want to Take You Higher" Ike & Tina Turner style. Patch quiz: What Napa resident played with them?

7:13 a.m. She's back with highlights from comedians who have guested on the show over the years, including Rick Reynolds and a sleepy-sounding Paula Poundstone.

7:10 One more classic: Staple Singers, "I Know a Place." Sing it, Mavis.

7:07: "Dance to the Music" with Sly and the Family Stone - I can only imagine the scene in the studio.

7:04: Who's feeling it? Stevie Wonder time. "Why did those days ever have to go?"

(Dudes, I wrote the article last night.)

7 a.m.: Cheering in the studio and yikes, my ears are burning.

6:58: Is "fungible" REALLY the word of the day? Back to music: S.O.S. Band, "Take Your Time (Do it Right) Part II."

6:53: Schechtman is joining the group in the studio. "The ethos of the place is anathema" is an interesting phrase, but to what did he apply it?

6:52: YES it is time for some funk! Parliament tearing the roof off. 

6:50 Kellie and the gang are back and gosh, talking about Napa Patch! (Hey, what do you mean I'm not a morning person? I am up before 5 almost every day to make sure the Napa Patch newsletter is the best it can be!)

6:46 Here comes some music: The Whispers, "It's a Love Thing." Indeed!

6:43 Kellie is reporting a washout on Dry Creek Road and saying hi to station manager Jeff Schechtman.

6:41 Kelllie and Bob, soon to be "Good Morning Bob," the Vine's new morning DJ, are bringing us the weather and surf report. High temps in the 70s today, lower 80s for the weekend. 

6:39 Kellie promises "Lots of surprises," but first it's news headlines.

6:38 "And there's a loaf of wonder bread," along with a My Little pony microphone.

6:35 After one more song, it's Kellie with a live studio audience! She's wearing a tiara and a sash, she says.

Bob St. Laurent, "Drive Time" Mindi Levine and other folks are there and Kellie says they've redecorated the studio with a piano, a Barbie and more, strewn the place with rose petals, blacked out the windows and generally made it festive.

LIVE BLOGGING BEGINS! 6:27 a.m. and Kellie is about to start her last show after half an hour of music from Avril Lavigne, Liips, Inc., Big Time Rush, David Gray, Casey Abrams, Madonna and the Gin Blossoms.

Tom Emmons August 31, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Aww. I missed the end. On this side of the ridge, KVYN is unable to penetrate the stone East wall of the valley, where I live. Congrats on the transition, Kelly!
Louisa Hufstader August 31, 2012 at 03:54 PM
There's an app for that, Tom - and they stream, too. Check out Bob when he takes over the show Tuesday. Another musician on the air.
Betty Malmgren August 31, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Thanks to Kellie for all her support over the years of Napa Valley College and community events and benefits like the Aids Walk! She was always there. It was such a thrill for our students to be interviewed on the air! Thanks! Best wishes. You will be missed.
Louisa Hufstader August 31, 2012 at 04:08 PM
I thought I heard her say there would be another hour but I must have been wrong because that's definitely Chris Templeton. Thanks to everyone who joined this morning for my first ever live blog of a radio show ... talk about mixed media!
Donna T August 31, 2012 at 09:48 PM
KVON was tuned in and provided our shoppers with shopping accompaniment at my last place of employment. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kellie, whether she was doing an interview, spinning tunes or, yes, especially doing the traffic and debris-in-the-road commentary. Best of luck to you in your "new" career!


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