Fight to Protect Property Values and Neighbors' Rights

Justin Siena High school administrators and a Minneapolis based developer are moving forward with plans to build a 78,000 square foot commercial shopping center on narrow Solano Avenue- the gateway to Napa. The school wants to tear up their sports fields and rezone the land which is in an established residential neighborhood from quasi-public and rural use to high traffic generating commercial use.

The only reason the school has given so far to justify forcing all of the negative impacts this project will have on our neighborhood is that  they need to raise partial scholarships for a 150 or so students...? Why don't they just hold a fundraiser like they did for the $2 million they raised for their sports fields from their primarily wealthy alumni rather than force an unwanted shopping center on a residential neighborhood? Clearly they want the money for something else.

We are not going to stand by and let them impose this project on our community or decrease our property values due to increased traffic and public safety concerns without a fight.

Please visit www.stopjustinsiena.com to sign a petition to the Napa city council and learn more about this important issue. Thank you.

RLWeaver June 21, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Why is it that people always attack private schools when they try to build or expand their assets. Public school never get they same look or scrutiny. For instance when Napa High decided to build a huge non-public access football stadium in the middle of a prime real estate location in central Napa there was no public fuss or complaints. JSHS is leasing some of its commercially zone property that lies on a major thoroughfare and next to a railroad line and some of the neighbors act like they're building a prison or sewage plant. This is useless land that no one will ever build homes on. Its only good for commercial ventures and I can't think of a better draw than a home improvement center with the economy turning North. Its amazing how little respect private schools get from their neighbors. Maybe if JSHS was more like NHS or one of the other schools in the county they could garner some respect from he neighbors.
Ken Tubman June 30, 2014 at 12:44 PM
What about that butt ugly arts building the college has on campus? Looks more like a detention center. Nobody complained. What about all those modular rat infested classrooms at Napa High? I did not see any lottery funds money going into improvements there. Justin Sienna has been there over 40 years. They need the money from this redevelopment to rejuvenate their physical plant. No one else is giving them hand outs. What about all the wine bars, etc, etc, etc. What about all the higher high rises being built downtown? No body is making a big fuss over all that. I believe the last graduating class at Justin had 100% of their graduates go on to college. That's a good thing for the community. Knock off the "Not In My Backyard" campaign!
sam Parker July 01, 2014 at 01:19 AM
Apparently neither of you have read any of the articles or reviewed Justin siena's application after reading your comments. First, Justin Siena's property is not zoned for commercial purposes it is zoned for Quasi-public and residential use and was never in fact intended to be used for commercial purposes which is why their application requests a general plan amendment and zoning change- signifying a significant change in the intended use for this parcel. Second, this money is not going to be used to renovate or expand the school's campus. If you can believe it, the school says that all of the money is going towards funding partial scholarships for only 150 children. So, the school could easily raise that money through proper fundraising as they did for the $2 million that they raised for their sports fields. And of course the school should have a 100% graduation rate. It serves primarily the elite and wealthy in the Napa Valley region and charge $15,000+ per year for a child to attend their school. Why should residents and neighbors have to take a 5 to 10 or more percent reduction in the market value of their home because of this project so that the school can fund scholarships for a few dozen kids? God forbid they might have to attend one of Napa's good public high schools like 90% of Americans do. This is simply a money grab and is wrong for our community and neighborhood. Clearly, you must be affiliated with the school in some manner, do not live in our neighborhood, or are not familiar with the horrendous traffic that already exists in our neighborhood.


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