Did You See or Hear the Meteor?

"It was crazy big ... looked like a gold firecracker!" A meteor the size of a car crashed through Earth's atmosphere Wednesday night, astonishing those who saw it. Read what Napa Valley Patch readers said on Facebook and tell us what you

Did you see or hear the car-sized meteor that disintegrated over the East Bay hills Wednesday night? Napa Valley Patch asked on our Facebook page; here's what readers said:

  • Christine Cronin We saw it!
  • Niki Rabe I saw the whole thing. Thought that it was the end of the world lol It was crazy big tho and looked like a gold firecracker!!!
  • Tammy Kent Horvath We saw it!!! Watched it until it fizzled! It was awesome!!! My 7 & 10 year old were amazed!
  • Nicole Rose O'Hara We saw it too! we were out on 4th Ave on a property that was pitch black! it was incredible! the tail and sparks behind it major OOoooo and aweeee moment!
  • Sarah Amaya I saw it too. I thought it was lightning.
  • Dustin Snider I saw something fly out of the north sky around 7:30 ish while driving up 29.
  • Katie Cerasoli I felt like it flew right over me!
  • Chelsea Crown I saw it while canoeing in the Bay. It was amazing!
  • Doug Dunlap I wondered what that was! Thought it was fireworks but it didn't make a sound. Crazy what I get to see while walking the dog. 
  • Chelsea Crown We definitely heard it, too, but it was delayed: part of the sonic boom, I suppose, in that light travels faster than sound. Really awesome.

If you caught a glimpse of this event — made all the more astonishing by the fact that astronomers say the meteor was not part of the current Orionids meteor shower — tell us in the comments.

For more about what's been happening in our skies, please see

  • Meteor the Size of a Car Hits Bay Area
  • How to Watch the Orionids Meteor Shower 2012

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