Biking? Blogging? Graduating?

I have many, many questions about this Monday.

  1. Are we rolling? It’s National Bike to Work Month and I’m trying to use my car only when absolutely necessary – it’s not always easy (Keys? Lock? Helmet? Gloves? Sunscreen? Pants rolled up? Notebooks, camera packed?) but it feels great to roll around Napa under my own steam. If you’re doing the same and feel the need for a pep-up, on Polk Street is hosting an “energizer station”  on May 12, 13 20 and 27 from 7:30 a.m. to 9am with snacks and beverages for your pedal power. Find out more about bicycle commuting at commuterinfo.net, 800-535-6883
  2. Have you subscribed to our newsletter? It’s the easiest way to conveniently get a glimpse of our top stories for the past 24 hours, delivered to your in-box around 6 a.m. daily. Just click the newsletter box on any Napa Patch page.
  3. Do you play music? Would you like to perform in , July 31 from 2 to 5 p.m.? This all-volunteer, grassroots festival will feature live music on porches in Napa’s historic neighborhoods. Find out more by emailing napaporchfest@gmail.com
  4. Do you have somthing to say? Consider joining the growing corps of Napa Patch . In the first week of our “Local Voices” section we welcomed five bloggers, and two more are joining us this week: Napan-in-exile Tom Ontis will write about old-time Napa, master gardener David Alosi takes on plants and trees and Kate Hanni will bring us her own special blend of real estate, hot gossip and travelers’ rights. Want to give blogging a try? , or just email me at louisa.hufstader@patch.com
  5. Are you planning graduation? Napa Patch can help you create a keepsake blog for your special graduate or the whole class, right here on the site. To find out how, email me at louisa.hufstader@patch.com.


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