Napa County Republican Central Committee Endorses Charlie Schaupp for Assemblyman

Credit: Charlie Schaupp For Assembly.
Credit: Charlie Schaupp For Assembly.

From the Napa County Republican Central Committee: 

The position of Assemblyman for the state’s 4th district would be best served by the election of candidate Charlie Schaupp

He is a farmer whose family has been farming in the Esparto area since the 1880s. He earned an associate degree in agricultural business from Yuba College and a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Chico State University with an emphasis on soils, irrigation and drainage. 

He also studied viticulture, enology and hydrology in a graduate program. 

He is no stranger to dealing with the governmental regulations levied on farms, small businesses and vineyards and is an expert in water and soil issues.

As member and former director of the Yolo County Taxpayers Association, Charlie is still fighting for fiscal responsibility in both government and our elected officials. 

He believes “Our Nation’s and State’s future is ‘at risk’ if we don’t act and act quickly to bring common sense back to our overwhelming and reckless spending.”

Water issues, such as allocation for farmers, are at the forefront of the minds of everyone that works the land as the current drought has caused a 0% water allocation for farmers. 

The people of the 4th District need an expert in that area and that is what they will have upon electing Charlie Schaupp.

Charlie is a former officer of the United States Marine Corps, having served in Desert Storm and the battle of Fallujah in the Iraq War during his 28 years of military service. 

He is a man of his word and a strong Constitutionalist as supported by his service to his community and his country.

Therefore, the Napa County Republican Party endorses Charlie Schaupp as our candidate for Assemblyman of the 4th District. We urge all citizens in District 4 to actively support Charlie Schaupp – a strong, loyal and dedicated patriot.


Kevin Hangman, Chairman
Napa County Republican Central Committee


View candidate Schaupp here on Facebook.


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