Green Party Candidates for Statewide Office Coming to Napa Next Week

Meeting is 6 p.m. Jan. 17 at Slack Collective, 964 Pearl St., Napa.

The Napa County Green Party is holding a meet and greet to introduce statewide Green Party candidates for office to the public. The meet and greet will be Jan. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Slack Collective Art Studios and Gallery located at 964 Pearl Street Suite B.

For Green Party candidates to appear on the June 2014 ballot, they each have to get 10,000 (past state law only required 150) signatures on nomination petitions from registered California voters. This meet and greet will be an opportunity for the public meet Green Party candidates and sign their nomination petitions.

“Californians are desperate for a political alternative. This is evidenced by the fact that large percentages of the population are not registered and do not vote.” said Spencer Smith, spokesperson for the Napa County Green Party.

 “Democracy thrives when voters have multiple options on the ballot, not fewer.
Rather than disenfranchising the public, more options provides the public with more political voices. This is why it’s important for voters to have Green Party candidates on the ballot.” 

Luis Rodriguez, world renowned Chicano writer and activist, is the Green Party candidate for Governor.

Rodriguez, who visited Napa last fall, urges voters to imagine a new California. His platform calls for ending poverty, ending the prison system as we know it, free higher education, and single payer health care in California. His vision is to provide the poor and working class in California the political voice they currently
do not have.

Web site: http://www.rodriguezforgovernor.org/

Laura Wells is the Green Party candidate for State Controller. Wells’ primary proposal is to establish a publicly-owned state bank in California. A public bank could generate new revenue, lower debt costs for local governments and public infrastructure, and create new jobs to spur economic growth. Currently, North Dakota has a publicly-owned state bank which has provided financial stability during this latest recession.

Web site: http://www.laurawells.org/

David Curtis is the Green Party candidate for Secretary of State. Curtis is the only candidate for Secretary of State that is proposing reforms that would truly increase democracy for California voters such as: replacing the Top Two Primary with a system of proportional representation within multi-seat districts, getting money out of politics by enacting public campaign financing, and advocating for smaller districts to improve representation.

Web site: http://www.votedavidcurtis.org/ 

In 2013 an all-time high number of California Greens were elected to local office during an odd-numbered year. In Napa County, Greens serve in local government on several city and county commissions. At Napa Valley College, the students elected the second Green in a row to serve as student trustee. The Napa County Green Party is building credibility by showing people that once in government Greens can govern well and our Green centered policies work.


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